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Awful Self-Promotion

Posted by deckard47 on March 1, 2008

There are now two new pages up there on the left. One is for my MobyGames reviews. A lot of the time, I write a review for one place, and then don’t want to write three other versions of it. So, sometimes I review a game on MobyGames and don’t do the same for the site, and the other way around. Now, you can see the reviews that I wrote, but was too lazy to reqritw for you guys. Enjoy.

The other page links to my student newspaper and all of my articles. Again, these are mostly reviews, but some of them are more interesting (especially the interview). Anyway, maybe some of them will be interesting to you as well.

 Aside from that, it is the weekend, andI have less work than normal, so of course I just want to play something. Should I finish one of those games I just got, or should I go back to finish and old one? What about you?

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