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Hype/News/Impressions: 2 Things!

Posted by deckard47 on April 14, 2009

I stumbled across two interesting things today.

The first is an article on 1up’s RPG blog, about the Mass Effect 2 panel at GDC. I’ve seen the video before, but the writeup they did is really interesting. Apparently there was originally a whole extra mission/planet for Liara’s introduction (akin to the Feros or other large mission planets), but it was scrapped at the last minute due to its bad quality. This is really too bad, and explains why the mission to pick up Liara is so brief when compared to the others. It’s also too bad that they completely scrapped it. I’d love to see what it was like, flaws and all, because I’m sure it would still be really interesting. Really, this is just an excuse for me to wonder dreamily about Mass Effect 2. What will it be like? I’m so excited, and I have to wait so long for it.

Second, an article by L. B. Jeffries at my beloved Popmatters, discussing what’s so cool about Far Cry 2. It contains spoilers, as I found out to my detriment, but it also makes a lot of good points. The great thing for me right now about this game is the way it allows me to change my style of play to suite my mood. To be sure, in RPGs likeĀ  Fallout 3 I can play however I want, but it’s great to be able to do this on the fly, without having to level for 10 years before I can make a choice. As I mentioned earlier, I had thic cool stealth build all set up, but found that the game is just a little too punishing when it comes to enemy AI. They’re smarter than the simpletons in Deus Ex, Thief 3 (which I’m, playing on the new computer… more later) or even the original Far Cry. Anyway, in response I’m decking myself out with an upgraded shotgun, Mac-10, and so, a mortar launcher and machine gun. Exciting. Oh, and as Insult Swordfighting reminded me, there’s nothing like that first floppy, misfired rocket launch. It’s such a great “oh shit new plan before I die” moment, and I can’t remember anything like it recently.


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News, Kinda

Posted by deckard47 on March 14, 2009

So I saw two or three things I wanted to link to, so I’m going to link to them. I know it’s not very fancy, but I don’t care. Here we go:

First, Simon over at Chungking Espresso has a cool piece up about Left 4 Dead up. He’s been writing about it for a while, but I haven’t mentioned it, because I’m silly. This one is about the rhythm of Left 4 Dead. See? Go look!

Second! Over at Acid for Blood (I hate saying “over,” it makes it sound like I’m bestest buddies with the site and it’s writer… I’ll say something new from now on. After this one) Brinstar has quickly and carefully explained why the “racism expert” guy who got mentioned a ton recently is mostly full of it (and why everyone else is full of it for believing him). Like I said, her points are good, and she makes a strong argument, so go check it out. Regarding that “informed expert,” who thought that it was cool to have one dude pronounce a piece of entertainment racist or not, and have that be the final word? Hell, if you want that, I can go read Chris Redfield’s palm for the answers, or look for them in the tea leaves or something else that’s “informed” as much as this guy was. Oh, and his conclusions were shit anyway. Onward.

Third, I guess the Escapist found some site that is worried about the PC version of The Game of Life teaching their kids about homosexuality?

“My daughter noticed right away (even before I did) and clicked on one of the girls instead of one of the men and then asked, ‘Mom, how come I can marry a woman?’ And then that led into a lot more questions that, quite frankly, I was not ready to talk to my 6-year-old about.”

Oh noes. Seriously though, those are tough questions. How can it be done? Do we have the resources? Can we rebuild him? I’m glad that The Game of Life is stepping up in this area to be honest. Like the author of the Escapist article who posted this gem, I always thought that game was creepy and centered around things I disliked (marriage, houses, investments, and more words I didn’t understand). One assumes that this Christian site doesn’t know about Army of Two yet. When they do, it’s going to be a real blow, I think.

Oh, and last and least, there is a review of Skate 2 over at Popmatters, courtesy of myself. I think it’s actually pretty good (you know how I normally write), and if you crave writings about Skate 2, and haven’t purchased the game yet, check it out. Also, I have a new article up at GameSetWatch. It’s about Alone in the Dark, again, for which I apologize. Still, it’s moderately entertaining, I think. It’s time for me to wrap this up, because it’s almost Paella time. Rocking.

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A Bit of a “Break”

Posted by deckard47 on February 19, 2009

So I’ve been absent from le blog as of late, and my only excuse is I have had Work (true), and I have been being Social (also true, but less of an obligation, so much as a pleasure). Anyway, I’ve been busy, after a fashion when it comes to writing about games. I have a review of The Maw up at Popmatters, and an interview with Francois Roughol (PoP designer who is presently working on Assassin’s Creed 2, which is rather exciting) over at GameTopius. Both of these articles have been added to the articles page up there, which I’m trying to update regularly (and have no excuse NOT to update). If you’re thinking of buying The Maw I’d tell you not to do it, but if you pressed me, I’d say check out the review. It has a lot of issues, and it doesn’t ever do enough things right to make you forget about that issues.

Honestly, though, you should check out the Roughol interview. If you like the PoP game (and I hope you realize that I absolutely adored that game), it’s great to hear him talk about designing it and changing it, and his reaction to our reception of it. If you aren’t a fan, it’s still interesting, it’s always good to listen to someone talk about what goes into making a game. They do so many things that we don’t see or don’t care about; it’s a good idea to just pay attention every once in a while and understand how that you loved (or didn’t) was created, bit by bit.

I guess this is going to be a link post, because there’s some articles I’ve been meaning to point out. Shame on me. They are all (I believe) from Rock Paper Shotgun (who are cool, and write good stuff). Sorry. The first one is an interview with the Penumbra guys over at Frictional Games. I’ve been posting about it a lot recently, and with good reason: they’re fun, scary, and about 10 times more interesting than most “horror” games that I’ve played recently. Anyway, they talk about their new game, which is set in the 18th century, and centers around a scary castle and (one would assume) interesting survival psychological horror. I’m looking forward to it.

Secondly (and lastly!) an article by Jim Rossignol about why Vampire: Bloodlines is great, and how it is great in a way completely different from the “great” RPGs of this and last year. It’s a cool read, and maybe it’ll convince yo to go pick this game up. It really is an amazing game, unlike so many games in that it doesn’t bother with a lot of what “makes” an RPG today. It’s about what it would be like to be an evil, violent creature in a fantasy version of Santa Monica, and despite its myriad problems, it should (like other flawed, brilliant games) be recognized for its accomplishments. You know what, go read the article. Trust me, he says interesting stuff, and it’s entertaining to boot. Now it’s back to work! Oh and Chrono Trigger and Burnout: Paradise are in the house. Sweet.

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Link, Link, Link

Posted by deckard47 on January 13, 2009

Real fast (cause I am so busy) I thought I’d point out two new links in the links area over there. The first is to “Above 49,” a very cool blog I just discovered. It’s well-written, covers a lot of different angles on different topics, and is pretty much better than my blog in that it’s more professional, classy and inventive. Check it out.

Second, we have “Idle Thmbs,” a great site that used to do a lot of writing, but now focuses on regular gaming podcasts (I just typed out “podcats” by accident, which would be a great name for a kind of enemy in a game… maybe). They are also smart people (yay), and I’ve been listening regularly for a while. Check it out as well. Back to wishing my computer could handle Left 4 Dead/wishing I had the money to by Left 4 Dead.

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