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Dead Rising… Not Again!

Posted by deckard47 on August 21, 2008

I know that Blog Banter just hit, and a lot of people are busy reading those truly excellent articles, but I had a little annoyance/question I wanted to get out there, before I forget about it. I’ve been following the news on the Wii version of Dead Rising, not because I want to buy it, but because it puzzles me. I know that Capcom likes money, and I know Wii owners deserve an awesome sandbox zombie game (everyone does!). But Dead Rising is the wrong game. Somewhere recently, I read a post that said something to the effect that Dead Rising was one of the only actual “next-Gen” games. Why? Because it was the only games that actually required the changes made in the 360 to run. The world of Dead Rising would have been impossible without the 360’s power, as would its teeming hoards of the undead.

So here’s my problem. The Wii version of Dead Rising is going to cut down on this one thing that made Dead Rising special. I’m sure you could make an awesome, long, intense zombie game (did somebody say RE4?) on old systems, but what you can’t do is create a large mall full (and I mean full) of zombies, and create a zillion ways of interacting with it. The Wii version will be fun, it can’t help it, I’m sure, but it won’t be special, not in quite the same way. Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like this is like making Wii fit for the 360 and playing it with a standard controller. That’s not what makes Wii Fit cool. I’m going to buy Dead Rising 2 for next-gen consoles the second it hits (if it gets handed off to a good company), but I won’t get this game. It might get rid of the annoying timer from the first game, but it also gets rid of that special feeling you get when you look out at the mall promenade and see a couple hundred zombies milling around. And who wants to miss that?

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