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I wants me some Dragon Age

Posted by deckard47 on January 31, 2008

Now, I know that you know that I might possibly do really dumb shit if the people at Bioware asked me to. I love them, and by dumb, I mean mild dumb, like eat ketchup-flavored ice cream, or let my disgusting cat (R.I.P. disgusting cat) lick my face. Anyway, I liked the idea of Dragon Age, when I heard of it first, but haven’t thought about it since. Well, it just so happens that today I have difficile assignments to finish, and I wandered over to Bioware’s page. Check it out:

“Your adventures will take you across the kingdom of Ferelden. Explore blood-soaked battlefields, ancient forests and intriguing urban settings. Resist the corrupting power of magic as you discover the abandoned wizard’s tower; then descend into the halls of a dwarven kingdom. But beware! Dwarven politics may prove as deadly as their blades. This is a world as real as our own, but where the dark allure of magic ultimately shapes every facet of society. It is a world where willpower and cunning can claim a kingdom!

Explore Dragon Age through a deep, cinematic storyline. Choose how you interact with the other inhabitants of the world: your interactions will influence how this immersive world changes in reaction to larger-than-life world events. Build a party of unforgettable companions you can befriend, romance, or simply exploit. Engage in tactically challenging, party-based combat against a cast of diverse opponents. In Dragon Age you will uncover hidden magic, battle horrific creatures, and challenge power-hungry nobles.”

Does that sound awesome or what? I really just want to see Mass Effect meets Baldur’s Gate here, except without the “exploration” of planets that look like Bryce 3d was employed in their creation. Seriously, Bioware, remember how unique each area in Baldur’s Gate 2 was? Remember? Let me Medieval-Commander Shepard all over a beautifully rendered version of that kind of creative landscape.


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Grizzly Guys

Posted by deckard47 on January 31, 2008

I didn’t get really excited by the original Starcraft (to be honest, I could never beat the Protoss/Zerg campaigns, which pissed me off), except when I need an easily acquired, low-requirement PC RTS to throw around. Anyway, the new game looks very nice (although I won’t be able to run it), as do these screens. Jimmy is back? Will he be rude and sexually suggestive? If so, he’ll be 100 times better than most of you internet criminals. (thanks to Kotaku for the pictures)

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Posted by deckard47 on January 30, 2008

Ok, quick one here, I really must write about Scopic Regimes of Modernity (!), but the wikipedia page for Drake’s Fortune? Scarily thorough. Rock on, whoever you are.

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Sensitive Games Guidelines….. must include a woman!

Posted by deckard47 on January 30, 2008

Alright, so this new game, Faith & a .45, looks interesting. You play as two people (although I guess Ruby, the woman, is a sidekick, kinda like that ugly bug dude in Halo 3, which I totally haven’t played much yet), and you are in love, on the run from evil oil prospectors during the Great Depression. 1up has an alright preview up, but it isn’t fantastic. Because, duh, what I have always wanted is to be “rewarded” by my partner with kisses for winning a fire-fight. Really? I guess I get the hoaky “wake up kiss” thing, a bit. And by that I mean it is hilarious. I mean, look at the end of The Matrix. He’s like, totally dead, and then she, like, totally wakes him up with a cyber-love-kiss. Dude. Seriously though, the setting looks cool, and as long as they play it classy this could be a good game, the co-op actions especially sound good (and they might be all we have, since Army of Two is apparently racist, dumb and bad). Oh, and seriously, just because it has a main female character does not mean it is going to be “sensitive.” I can’t think of the last game that was terribly “sensitive,” prominent female character or no. Maybe I just don’t get that women are soft and cuddly and sensitive, like human kittens. I should go read more “sensitive” pieces by Destructoid maybe? Or maybe, developers could try being “sensitive” a different way. As long as you aren’t racist, sexist, dumb, or infantile, and you can put any character you want as your lead, and I’ll play. Although, might I suggest a certain reporter from BGE, or perhaps a rather dashingly heroic (yet lovably self-effacing/boastful and a total wimp when it comes to heights and scary dark areas) treasure hunter? Sequels, please!

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Tea Party!

Posted by deckard47 on January 30, 2008

This is a test, to see if I can easily post videos to the blog like this doohicky says I can. I know, this is simple, but whatever, I’m slow. Ok, I totally can post videos, it is easy and I am dumb. Also? High tea in the parlor makes the ladies holla. For some reason, only me and les freres are at all amused by this. Dunno why. This means that I can stop with the endless video links and just plug them into the blog. Although I probably could have done that on my own if I were more diligent.
Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod

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More Conspiracies AND The Agency

Posted by deckard47 on January 30, 2008

So there is a new video up at IGN of the Bourne Conspiracy game. I have to say, they’ve got the music down pretty good, I wonder if they can pull anything else off. I really hope so, because if they do, and this is actually well-written and fun, it could be amazing. Or it could just make me go back to waiting for Drake’s Fortune 2 for my 3rd person action fix. We’ll see.

Oh, and speaking of spies, there is this video of the The Agency which I should have watched a while ago, but didn’t. It’s not really apparent what the Massive part of the game will be (not that I care), but they have a cool silly-spy (kinda NOLF meets TF2) 70’s vibe going, kind of. Seriously though, it must be tough to dress like that in wintry Eastern Europe. Even the  muscly goon guys have more clothes on. Part of being a spy, apparently. Dress like a dumbass.  

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New Pictures

Posted by deckard47 on January 27, 2008

Nothing new to talk about, really. Played a lot of Rock Band this weekend, but no one here has the skillz to match Taylor, so I can’t beat any new events on Hard, and thus, no new songs. Which is sad, because I think I have yet to unlock Reptilia? Anyway, pictures of Resistance 2 are up in the photo thingy.

I think it looks very pretty, but then I remember my experience with the demo of the first one. Bland, brown, way too hard, and guns that felt like toys. I like that feeling in Ratchet and Clank, but not so much in my gritty future-apocalypse games.

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Star Trek!

Posted by deckard47 on January 26, 2008

I know it isn’t much, but look, a very minimal Star Trek trailer! Leonard Nemoy sounds so very old. Sweet.

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Check This Out

Posted by deckard47 on January 25, 2008

I don’t know how many of you have seen the new trailer for Star Wars: Force Unleashed, but it looks pretty amazing. Yes, I am not so sure how I feel about the amusing looking generic angry grimacing shaved-head white dude, but check out those effects. Could physics actually be”important” in any way not Portal related? Maybe. It looks so generic (please, set new Star Wars games in places other than the same Original Films timeline/settings!), but the way those troopers fly… I am an easily amused guy, what can I say.

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Posted by deckard47 on January 25, 2008

So I had a bunch of things I wanted to point out to you, but I thought one post made more sense, so here we go.

First, Burnout Paradise just came out for PS3 and 360, and by all accounts (plus my own awesome demo experience) it is a wonderful blend of Burnout and Midtown Madness. Buy it, because racing games that don’t involve fifty hours of car tuning and “seksy” street racing girls are harder and harder to find!

Second, individual Rock Band accessories and pricing have been revealed. Now I just have to wait a few months, and I’ll be able to get the band back together! The band that never was… Really, this just means I will browbeat one more friend of mine into playing the game. Fantastic.

Next, S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear Sky will be available exclusively (digitally, that is) on Steam, whenever it comes out. I love Steam, and I wish I could love S.T.A.L.K.E.R, but my computer is weak and frail. Maybe those rumors about a 360 version will come through? Please? Then I could buy the game, be scared, and be angry with myself for buying it.

Finally, I’ve put up a new blog in the blogroll, Dubious Quality. He’s a smart guy, and quite amusing, and his coverage of the recent FOX debacle is extremely entertaining.

Aside from that, I got nothing. Oh, and there is this crazy rumor (via GayGamer) that Team Ico is hiring so that they can make the next Ico game. That would be truly excellent news. I really want to buy Burnout Paradise, and drive around listening to the sweet, dulcet tones of Avril Lavigne, but next week is going to murder me if I don’t start working now. Blast.

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Hells Yeah

Posted by deckard47 on January 24, 2008

Ok, I don’t like linking to Kotaku too much, I’m worried some of the hideous sexist racist crazies that sometimes patrol their boards might somehow slide on over here, but this must be pointed out (plus I can’t find the original document). Apparently EA (who I normally hate, the way bad smelling dudes hate Starbucks) sent out a letter explaining to FOX News exactly how and why they fucked up with that little video I linked to recently. Good job EA, I know you just want Mass Effect sales to rock some more, but good for you for trying to protect Bioware, us consumers, and the brains of gullible parents everywhere.

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Adios, Stuntman

Posted by deckard47 on January 24, 2008

This just in from Kotaku (oooh, look, I’m reporting!), it looks like the Stuntman series is no more. This saddens me, because (despite the fact that I only played the demo) Stuntman: Ignition really had me going for a while there. Sure, eventually you realize that it’s an exercise in grueling perfection and repetition, but the payoff was worth it. I loved the custom camera angles and faux “movie” feel. Think what cool features (your own customizable movie trailers, multiple camera angles, online movie trailer sharing, competitions, etc.) they could have added in the next one. Oh, and as for the Juiced series, it was extremely disappointing, so no worries.

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Flickr I Loath You

Posted by deckard47 on January 23, 2008

So it won’t let me put up the Space Siege photos. It seriously tells me “Bonk! Your photos didn’t make it.” What the hell does that even mean.

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Fallout 3 or Space Siege?

Posted by deckard47 on January 23, 2008

Two things. First, there are two screens up in the photo area from Space Siege, Gas Powered Games’ and Chris Taylor’s spiritual sequel to Dungeon Siege (I still have to finish the second DS by the way. Shame on me). I know, it looks like Dungeon Siege in space with a slight graphics boost, but I’m ok with that. Except they say there will be an emphasis on story? Um. Maybe. Next, IGN has a blog entry up from Todd Howard Executive Producer over at Bethesda, and thus someone who will be extremely important to Fallout 3, which I am refraining from posting photos of until they have new ones, that don’t remind me too much of Oblivion. Anyway, it is an interesting post, and I like how he posts the original Fallout team’s goals for the first game. Hope, hope, hope for an awesome game, and hope that Liam Nesson doesn’t get murdered by Dark Assassin’s in the first 20 minutes. I’m so cynical and predictable.

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Finally, an MMORPG I Still Won’t Play

Posted by deckard47 on January 23, 2008

Sorry Taylor. Despite the title of this post, I think all of you should go check out this Kotaku preview of Pirates of the Burning Sea. The land-based portions of this game look like World of Pirates, but the sailing/fighting sections look very cool. I have only dabbled with detailed ship combat games (I mostly stick to Pirates! and Monkey Island 3), but the ship combat in this game looks just complicated and fun enough to be worth it. Gametrailers has a bunch of trailers, check them out. Still, like I said, there is no way this will make me pay 15 dollars a month. No way.

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