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The Dark Eye: Drakensang

Posted by deckard47 on January 21, 2009

I’d like to make a joke about silly fantasy game titles, but all I can think of is how this game might be set in the The Second Age of the Third Age. But seriously, I recommend checking out the site for Drakensang, because the game looks pretty sweet. Apparently it lets you explore a fantasy world culled from a deep long-running pen-and-paper RPG (the story is in fact written by the authors of the pen-and-paper version). I’m getting a teensy bit of a Witcher vibe here: lots of detailed, established backstory, and old-fashioned RPGing. Ok, I just read their features page, and I’m really excited about it:

  • Experience an exciting story within a huge campaign involving numerous main and side quests
  • Adventure groups with up to four adventurers
  • Expert character-creation mode for experienced DSA fans
  • More than 40 spells, with over 30 talents and almost 40 special abilities allow a large range of possibilities for character creation
  • Numerous and varied enemies and monsters from the DSA universe, such as linnorms, ogres, undead mules, giant amoeba and many more
  • Story by original DSA authors
  • Rule-compliant implementation of the DSA licence in the tradition of the Nordland Trilogy
  • Tactical combat system with pause function
  • Varied and flexible magic system
  • Talent-based dialogue system

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like some awesome stuff to me (oh, and I apologize for being Mr. cut and paste lately, but I feel like the matter-of-fact way they address all of my weird RPG desires really speaks for itself). I mean, look, Talent-based dialogue systems! Yes! Plus you can create a 4-person party single-player experience! Undead Mules! Giant Amoebas!

Also, let me tell you that when you open the site, it will play music from the game. Again, I’m getting a real Witchy vibe here, because the music is good. As in I’ve left it looping while I write this… Also, as I write this, I’m downloading the demo, which I hope rocks my world. Now, here comes the bad news. It looks like it hasn’t been released here yet… I’ll know more once I get in to the demo, but from here, it looks like it could suck me up the way The Witcher did (and continues to do).

Ok, I was doing a bit more of a close reading, and it looks like The Dark Eye roleplaying universe is the most popular RPG in Germany; it’s even more popular than D&D. Yes, indeed.

Ok, time for another exciting revelation: I just realized that Radon Labs is behind this game… Remember them? They’re the guys who brought us Project Nomads, an interesting, hugely flawed game that more people should have tried. Shit just got a bit more real. Aaaaah! You can play as a Warrior-Magician (who specializes as a charlatan). Oh my God. This game is going to ruin my world. You get to play as a charlatan. But they also include an expert mode, where people familiar with the pen-and-paper original can tune every aspect of their characters! I don’t know if I have words left to describe how cool this sounds. Wow, it looks like you can also play as some kind of European cowboy burglar.

After all of that, here I have some screens. I promise not to lose it like this again any time soon, unless the demo is cool. Then all bets are off.

EDIT: so it looks like the game will be coming out here on February 18? Be Ready!

Further EDIT: Two previews, up at GamesRadar and GameSpy.


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Hello Again…

Posted by deckard47 on December 7, 2007

So, here is the new site, it is so much different! Um, WordPress has some features I liked better, so here we are. I hope the few of you who read found this easily, I have to do a few things to make it like the old place, but that should be easy enough. Back to the gaming.

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Random: Hugh Laurie IS Gordon Freeman

Posted by deckard47 on October 16, 2007

Also, I know that this is kind of ridiculous, and some of you might not get what is so awesome in this picture, but it amused me.

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