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The Other Blogger: My unedited thoughts re a game I have not played

Posted by flagg49 on November 22, 2009

So Tom and I were having an email exchange about the now-infamous (by design, of course) “No Russian” level from MW2.  I thought about writing a blog entry about it, but

a) I’m too lazy

c) I will never actually play this game, unless Tom buys  it and the whim strikes me, and it somehow seems wrong to devote, you know, a whole real blog post to something I don’t even care enough about to play

b) My thoughts are off the cuff and probably wrong, so why formalize them?

In light of all that, I figured I’d just post my semi-articulated thoughts as they appeared in our email argument.  I still think I’m right, basically, but am obviously an impoversihed debater about this for reasons b), c). The conversation commences after the break:

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Blog Stuff: The Other Blogger

Posted by deckard47 on November 20, 2009

That asshole isn’t pulling his weight around here, I think you’ll all agree. He and I are having an argument about No Russian, and I think he has a point that most people in the games press, in their peculiarly insular fashion, are completely ignoring. So maybe if you all say “I do believe in faeries,” he’ll poke his head out and write it. I will of course, continue my electronic harassment of him. How many kitten videos can I send him in 5 minutes?

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