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PS3 Time!

Posted by deckard47 on November 25, 2007

So, as part of Black Friday pain-time, I bought myself a PS3, Motrostorm, Assassin’s Creed and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Unfortunately, now that I’m back at college, I have no TV, so I have to wait till I can get my hands on a monitor to play. When I do, I’ll let you know how good those 3 games are, even though they have all been reviewed to death.

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Cat Related Post!

Posted by deckard47 on November 19, 2007

So apparently Catz 2 for the Wii is an RPG-adventure game (which looks kinda like Kingdom Hearts) where you play as an adorable kitty… How is this not the game we’ve all been waiting for?(thanks to Kotaku for the link)

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Exciting New Feature!!!

Posted by deckard47 on November 19, 2007

So, starting today, on the right of the page, at the top, there will be a “Screen of the Day/Week/Month” album. It’s a link to my Picasa album, so all of the screens will build up, and you’ll be able to see the backlog of screens as I add more and more. I’ll update it whenever, so if the date next to the picture changes, their is a new picture in the album. This weeks is of Drake’s Fortune, and I think it looks pretty awesome (the picture is obviously courtesy of IGN, and will be from them most of the time, their access to screens is slightly greater than mine).

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Drake’s Fortune Makes Me Want Enough Money to Buy a PS3

Posted by deckard47 on November 19, 2007

I know I already posted a Drake’s Fortune trailer, but if you head on over to IGN’s video page for the game, they have some pretty awesome stuff on display. I’m still not sold on the gameplay, but then I can’t be, haven’t played it. On the other hand, the cutscenes really look good. It’s not exactly perfect writing or acting, but somehow they’ve got a kind of summer action movie feel going for them, and I don’t mean a shitty Die Hard 4 feel. Kind of like Romancing the Stone, but 2007 silly, as opposed to 80s silly (and thank God, think of what their hair would have looked like!). That main guy really reminds me of Nathan Fillion. Now I just need a PS3. Crappy.

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The Bourne Conspiracy

Posted by deckard47 on November 14, 2007

I gotta go read some Frederick Douglass, but I thought everyone should see this. I have no idea how good it will actually be, but the combat looks vaguely like the movies. I just miss Matt Damon I guess. He’s so thuggishly large.

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Joy and Happiness in the Form of Mark Wahlberg (and Mass Effect)

Posted by deckard47 on November 12, 2007

Yeah, so here I am again, The Witcher and work have been keeping me busy. So, whats new these days? Well, first off, all of those lucky bastards with 360s who managed to snag a copy of Mass Effect are probably very happy right now.Also, for all of us who love us some Mark Wahlberg, check this out. Seriously, Marky Mark as Max Payne? This is so awesome, everyone who saw The Departed knows he can be a moody cop. Lets just hope it only sucks a small amount, as opposed to a huge amount.

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Witchy Enough for the Witcher?

Posted by deckard47 on November 5, 2007

Yeah, so I haven’t been posting much recently, due to massive working, and my purchase of The Witcher. It’s pretty damn good, despite some amazingly juvenile design decisions regarding “mature” content. Those options (and I am of course referring to having sex with practically every single woman in the game… Whaaat?) are entirely optional, so if you want to, you can play the entire game without following through on this idiotic game mechanic. I suggest you do so, because underneath that weirdness is a great, fun CRPG, the likes of which I haven’t seen in years. Oh yes, and watch out for the fucking load times, they hurt so bad.

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