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Sensitive Games Guidelines….. must include a woman!

Posted by deckard47 on January 30, 2008

Alright, so this new game, Faith & a .45, looks interesting. You play as two people (although I guess Ruby, the woman, is a sidekick, kinda like that ugly bug dude in Halo 3, which I totally haven’t played much yet), and you are in love, on the run from evil oil prospectors during the Great Depression. 1up has an alright preview up, but it isn’t fantastic. Because, duh, what I have always wanted is to be “rewarded” by my partner with kisses for winning a fire-fight. Really? I guess I get the hoaky “wake up kiss” thing, a bit. And by that I mean it is hilarious. I mean, look at the end of The Matrix. He’s like, totally dead, and then she, like, totally wakes him up with a cyber-love-kiss. Dude. Seriously though, the setting looks cool, and as long as they play it classy this could be a good game, the co-op actions especially sound good (and they might be all we have, since Army of Two is apparently racist, dumb and bad). Oh, and seriously, just because it has a main female character does not mean it is going to be “sensitive.” I can’t think of the last game that was terribly “sensitive,” prominent female character or no. Maybe I just don’t get that women are soft and cuddly and sensitive, like human kittens. I should go read more “sensitive” pieces by Destructoid maybe? Or maybe, developers could try being “sensitive” a different way. As long as you aren’t racist, sexist, dumb, or infantile, and you can put any character you want as your lead, and I’ll play. Although, might I suggest a certain reporter from BGE, or perhaps a rather dashingly heroic (yet lovably self-effacing/boastful and a total wimp when it comes to heights and scary dark areas) treasure hunter? Sequels, please!


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