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The End At Last

Posted by deckard47 on June 5, 2009

So there’s an hour left, and later I’ll be going to the odd, hopefully cool Video Games Live conference. One last wander about, I guess, to try to pick up bizzare free doodads. Back home on Sunday, with the intervening time being spent on chilling and writing. Which is nice, because once I get back I won’t be doing much of either. Later.


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Posted by deckard47 on May 26, 2009

Is that how I’m supposed to write it? Regardless of humorous capitalization jokes at Sucker Punch’s expense, I will be driving to the Best Buy in North Haven (beautiful beautiful North Haven) to pick up my preordered copy of Infamous. Apprently, not only do I get the Among Thieves MP beta (I do right? I sure better), I also get shock blades or something. Eh.

I’m not sure how I feel about this preorder bonus stuff when it’s developer/publisher oriented. I mean, I’m used to EBX or Gamestop or whatever offering me free watermelon with my preorder of Deus Ex 2 (the day I picked that game up, and every day since that day have been a harrowing, bleached wasteland of a “life”), but what I’m not used to is the game companies themselves offering me weird dongles attached to their games. I’m thinking of Bioware’s offer to give you special rings and amulets with a preorder of Dragon Age. Don’t get me wrong, I will be on that game like a really jittery 2 AM cat when it comes out, but I do’t need their silly preorder offers. I’m with them. Honestly, do they think that the unfaithful really care about special rings? It seems like an ineffectual way of drumming up preorder support. The real question is, will they be Steaming it? I would be torn, seeing as I’ve always been a physical purchaser of Bioware products, out of my allegiance to their delicate Canadian flavors. Oh, and if you’re interested, the Dragon Age site has some (as always) awesomely detailed and D&D-ish intros for two of the NPCs from Dragon Age. We have Sten, and Alistair. Suddenly I’m worried about this Alistair guy:

Alistair is irreverent at the best of times, and his wry sense of humor often put him at odds with his more serious-minded teachers.

I smell a Kaiden Alenko voice actor part, maybe. No! Resist Bioware! Make the Alenko voice actor (Raphael Sbarge, who I’m sure is a nice guy) be an evil character. He is always so… huskily earnest. It’s like he’s rubbing you with his goodness, every time he opens his silly mouth. Blech.

This just reminds me that I started Jade Empire (again, on the new comp) last night. As always, I’m slightly befuddled by its combat, setting, and tone. It feels like Bioware, but not. Maybe this is Mirror Universe Bioware! Where are evil Bashir and evil Dax! Why doesn’t everyone have beards or at least stubble? They’re my favorites! I have time to consider the conundrum, I suppose, since Dragon Age won’t be coming out for ages and ages. For now, let me think of an ugly,  head-shaven and faux beard-headed white man using electricity to ride electric lines. Oh, and let me think of Nathan Fillion in the opening of Jade Empire. Still weirds me out. He sounds so mean. Mean and young. Like me!

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Look, I ain’t in this for your revolution, and I’m not in it for you…

Posted by deckard47 on March 9, 2009

Like the man says, I need credits! For my ship which I owe money on! Anyway, Owen and I watched A New Hope, just now, and I’d forgotten just how much I love that movie. I mean, sure, we can recite it to each other, but there’s just so much about it that I’ve weirdly internalized. I’d say something about hokey religions and blasters, but, you get the idea. Goodnight.

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Mass Effect PC

Posted by deckard47 on March 4, 2009

Or, why I’m such a moron. Yes, I bought the rather cheap Steam edition, but still, this is a game I’ve beaten twice. Well, horribly I’m really excited to try and beat it again. This time, I’m building a character (a guy, which I haven’t done before) who might be neutral, and who will definitely be an Infiltrator. Exciting, right? Anyway, I actually need to get back to Dreamfall and Quake Live, and making dinner. Fantastic. Promise I’ll have a ore substantial post soon.

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GTA IV (no really) and Killzone 2

Posted by deckard47 on February 27, 2009

Spent this evening doing two things: playing GTA IV with some fellow Gametopius types (I’d call us a crew, but there were 3 or 4 of us, so…), and writing. The writing went alright (at least I’m done for now), and the GTA IV was surprisingly awesome. It’s not hard to see where the multiplayer does stuff right. Loads of cops, guns, and pedestrians (plus a bunch of people running around taking out the cops) leads to some fun times. However, when the game isn’t doing that it really falters online. I mean, even in that game, I had some problems, like when things turned into a slideshow… every 5 minutes. I understand that  they made a great technical achievement with this game. I just wish it was appreciable in something a bit faster than stop-motion animation. Anyway, we had a good time, and I might actually do GTA IV multiplayer again.Crazy, I know.

On my other note, I’ve been watching Killzone 2 download for a while now. It is going extremely slowly. Let me just say, this is a department where the 360 rocks the PS3 up and down the block (you might even say that it Kid Rocks the PS3 up and down the block. Maybe). When I opened up GTA IV today, it told me it had an update to install. It did it in about a minute. Last time I had to update any PS3 game, the download to an hour at least. And that’s not counting the “install time” of at least an extra hour. They are really falling behind in this area. Getting online content from PSN is like squeezing blood from a stone. But it takes longer.

On a sadder (less up-to-date) note, it looks like Obsidian’s Aliens RPG has been canned (or at least shelved) by Sega. This kills me, because I know that they can write great dialogue, and plug that dialogue in to amazing stories. I have no idea how that wold have fit into the Aliens universe, but I trust these guys, for all their faults. I’d be willing to bet that they would have created some amazing characters, and those characters would have really inhabited Ripley’s world. I want to say that I’m really excited for their Alpha Protocol. Obsidian makes games where dialogue can be the boss, where a level’s ultimate encounter is a heated conversation. I love them, and I hope that they keep on rocking, and that luck (or whatever they need) comes their way. I’d like to make a comment about a game being over, man, but I’m just not in the mood. Perhaps I’ll say that Obsidian should just take off and nuke Sega from orbit. You know why.

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Awkward Slumdog

Posted by deckard47 on February 25, 2009

So, as noted previously, I’m as happy as could be that Slumdog rocked the Oscars so hard. I mean, Freida Pinto even presented an award with some guy (an old guy?). That’s pretty good representation. There is one awkward note to the whole thing however: at the Oscars, Danny Boyle forgot to give credit to Loveleen Tandan, the woman who was basically the India director – she acted as go-between for Boyle and all of the actors who did not speak Enlish (like the youngest kids), and did a ton of work for the film… Which is obviously why she’s billed as co-director when the credits roll. I mean, he remembered to give credit to a guy who wrote a song, but not to the woman who made what he created possible? It might not sound like much, but check out this article I found by way of Feministe. In it, Tandan explains what part she had in the film, how she came to it, and her plans for the future. It’s obvious that she considers the film to be Boyle’s movie (and says so in the piece), but this was pre-Oscars. It’s got to piss her off a bit, one would think. I mean, he forgot to mention her at the Golden Globes too, I believe… Anyway, he’s a pretty excitable guy, so maybe he’s going to say that he forgot amid the excitement. I hope he says something, ’cause right now, if I were her, I’d want to have a little chat with him.

It’s also just a bit telling that as co-director of the favorite for best picture (pre-Oscars show) the cameras didn’t want anything to do with her. Either way, she showed with her work on Slumdog that she has what it takes to create an incredibly detailed setting and characters for a movie. Seriously, go read her article, I’d be willing to bet that her hand can be felt (if looked for) all over that movie. I hope she goes on to make some sweet movies, but we’ll have to wait and see.

On a slightly related note, since Danny Boyle likes changing his genres every movie, let me recommend time-travel next. He’s done space, zombies, drugs, The Beach (which is about what?), Millions (about little kids finding a million bucks), and Slumdog. I think time-travel is definitely next. Seriously, Danny, I love your stuff,  a lot (my friends hate my guts for making them sit through 28 Days Later, them hating it, me loving every minute of it), so just apologize for this rather unpleasant mistake you’ve made, and then go on to making more badass movies. Please?

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50 Cent Shows 1up How You Can be Less Offensive

Posted by deckard47 on February 25, 2009

I have exciting things to do right now, but I thought I’d point out that 50 Cent just did an interview with Joystiq (kinda), and they asked him a bunch of questions and he answered them. I thought I’d highlight this segment, just, you know, because:

On a more serious note, how do you feel specifically about the effect of things like the taunts and the vulgarity in the game on hip-hop culture and African-American culture in America?

The harsh realities are, these words exist. I didn’t make them up. To create a description of a person’s lifestyle or their behaviors, we utilize these things. Now, I mean, for you to be there and to be representing a company that they have you asking questions, I know that you understand the information that I’m relaying to you at this point.

So, when you say “bitch” at certain points, it’s to describe a person’s behaviors at that point. If you say “ho”, it’s because she might be wanting to suck a dick right now, she might be wanting to go on a date, she might be in pornography, she might be… There’s a class of people who would classify those things. So now, if the game is too aggressive for certain people, then, you know, it’s rated “mature.” That right there … are the standards they’ve created to say “this is acceptable for adult entertainment.” For me to change those requirements or to have more responsibility than anyone else has is a bit unfair, from my perspective I feel like. If you’re saying I’ve become so influential that I need to make specific adjustments and changes, I’m flattered by that but I don’t believe that.

I guess I’m more specifically wondering how you felt about the influence on the youth of hip-hop and African-American culture in America.

Well it’s rated mature, so the youth really shouldn’t come in contact with it unless they have someone around who can explain it. If you have someone around you, an adult — if it’s rated mature, then someone mature should actually have it. And if a kid does interact with it or has it, someone should be around to explain it. When you go into a film that’s rated R, do they have an adult outside to tell you it’s okay to go in or not? ‘Cause they’ll use all the terminologies you’re talking about. But keep the standard across the board — don’t make it just for the video game because it’s 50 Cent’s video game. You know what I’m saying to you? And everything that’s mentioned in the game will be in your films. And everyone on the other end of this phone knows this. Since cable television.

See the freedom with the web … it provided a new freedom. When we used to have to rely on BET and MTV and the other networks to actually reach the consumers for different products. That’s not so true anymore. Like, the number one music video on BET is playing six times a week. You see what I’m sayin’? So all that video does on that network is to tell them to go to YouTube and other sites that would actually have that content. Whatever time. If you just got home from work or you just got out of school or whatever you did when you have free time the web will be on-demand television. But all of these terminologies are being used even further. So even if your kid is sheltered to the point where they don’t interact with anyone who says these things, I’m sure they’re hearing these terminologies.

And then this:

So, just to be clear, you don’t feel any responsibility towards your fans with regards to the derogatory terms — the language used in the game.

I don’t feel like it’ll effect ’em. I don’t feel like they’re hearing anything for the first time in this game. Ben, let me ask you a question, what is your nationality?


Well, I’m American too. I’m saying your ethnicity.

My ethnicity — like what color am I? Is that what you’re asking?

Yeah, well, what would be a derogatory term to your culture or how you was raised?

I guess “whitey” or something like that. I’m a white guy if that’s what you’re asking.

Oh, you’re a white guy. I could kinda figure that out through your tone of voice. Check this out, Ben. A lot of times the terminologies that are being used are coming from the culture or the environment that you’re in. So, it might not sound as aggressive if you heard someone say, “He’s a redneck up the block,” if he’s a white guy saying the other guy’s a redneck.


But you’ll feel like I’m saying something negatory if I’m like, “This fucking redneck just cut me off, down the street,” ’cause, you know what I’m saying, where I’m from. I think it’s being responsible by making this a fictional plot and not having it be so real to the kids who walk out from seeing this kid feeling like they should go do this.

You’re from, right?

Yeah, I’m from

Ben, I’m gonna watch what you write. I swear I’m gonna find yo ass!

I’m only going to write what you say, 50. Don’t worry.

[Later on, while answering a question from another person] This guy is actually asking me whether I feel uncomfortable with saying curses at some points. Do you not live in the same society I live in?

It’s not necessarily the curse words, it’s the effect that you might be having. I’m not saying whether it’s right or wrong, I’m just wondering how you feel about it, you know?

What I’d like to do, I’d like to remix “We Are the World” with you. [laughs] I’d like to a lot of things that I don’t actually have the power to actually change. So when you say, from a creative standpoint, are there things I’m wiling to do? Yes. But, check this out. For me, in a song, there’s only three minutes. three minutes and fifty seconds max, right? I can only give you descriptions of actions. I can’t give you cause-and-effect, I can’t give develop reasoning for dysfunctional behavior. I can’t do any of that. I just gotta give you what happened specifically.

So, a lot of times you revisit things that you’ve experienced or things that went on around you until you capture it perfectly And after you’ve done that, you gotta move forward, you gotta move forward. You gotta do things differently. Now you got a lot of guys out there who’ve achieved zero success and guess what they write about? The lifestyle I have right now. Because they aspire to live life on the highest level, they write luxury. And I understand it. I actually was one of those people. Now after I’ve achieved the success that I’ve achieved in the last six years that I’ve been consider what we would call “successful,” I totally focus on the struggle. I focus on how far I came. So I have more interest in writing the portion of my life when I didn’t have than where I’m at right now. And that’s a little weird, it’s a little backwards but it’s honestly where I’m at right now.

Now it’s not like 50 distinguishes himself as a paragon of awesomeness, virtue, and all things wonderful and non-offensive in his music (and it’s not liek I think he’s the next great socially conscious artist out there), but he definitely has Mr. Joystiq here. I do like how the guy keeps on asking about “hip hop culture and African American culture” like they’re one and the same. And by like I mean, that must have been awkward. Oh, and if you ask me, it’s tough to call a artist on swearing or being offensive (destroying our youth, you know), when we’re part of the video game industry. Which is such a… great influence on young people. I mean, look at the new House of the Dead. Or maybe Resident Evil 5! We’re like paragons of virtue!

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Big Night

Posted by deckard47 on February 23, 2009

And by that I mean, go Slumdog Millionaire. I really don’t have anything else, RE: C:VX (can I really write it that way? I love it) is interesting if a bit silly, and I’m still getting the hang of it (I haven’t played this kind of RE since Zero, my first, cherished Cube game). Got to go write, before sleeping. Later.

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Time to Take it to the Next Level

Posted by deckard47 on January 2, 2009

Well, my trusty Macbook is back in my hands, which means that I have no excuse: I have to start writing, and gaming (no!) again. Sweet. To aid me in my new endeavours, I have King’s Bounty: The Legend. I believe that I referred to it as “King’s Legend” or something in an earlier post. Forgive me, the disk in question was inside my broken computer and thus unusable. To keep me busy while the computer’s been in the shop, I’ve been playing a lot of board/card games, and reading a lot of graphic novels. So, before I get back to work, let me say that the following are excellent: Whiteout, volumes one and two, is gritty in an almost silly way, but it’s excellent, for other reasons, mostly having to do with the fact that I like Carrie Stetko and how she’s written. Galactic Imperium, which is complicated and long and scares Owen away. Someday I’ll finish a game of it, I hope. Lost Cities and Citadels are fun and short (Citadels slightly less short), and rock. Finally, surprisingly, the Prince of Persia graphic novel is kind of cool, I think. More on all of these alter (I say this now…), but I need to get some work done. So, hopefully our program will return to its regular schedule now. I made a New Years’ Resolution that I’d write something every day, but I’m going to amend it and say it can be blog-related or not. Hopefully this means you’ll be getting more of my exciting, exciting posts than normal, but I can’t make any promises (what with my busy, fantastical life). Hope the New Year was fun and all, later, for now. Oh, and here is a picture of a Space Cat, from Twilight Imperium. Exciting!

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More Prince of Persia, More Money!

Posted by deckard47 on November 18, 2008

I noticed (as I was checking Kotaku this morning) that Tomb Raider: Underworld is out today. I have to say, I want this game pretty badly, despite my experience with its nearly jerky camera (in the demo). Still, I like how the game has areal story now, and I like how her motivation is less ludicrous than “ooh, look, a pretty Scion!” I guess we’ll see, because to buy a new game right now is a daunting prospect, financially. Stupid money.

In other news, there’s a whole slew of new trailers up over at Gametrailers for the Prince of Persia game. They all look cool, but I’m kind of worried about the gameplay implementation of Elika. I like the fact that she helps you in a way that’s less intrusive, but it seems to me that she is basically just a way to let the Prince do things he couldn’t do before. I understand that it’s fun, but its as if some designer said “why can’t he jump farther,” and somebody else said “it would look fake.” So they decided to build a crutch in… Likewise, the combat just seems like the old combat, but with crazier blue effects. I’m still very excited about it, to be honest; it looks sweet, and I’m sure it’ll be fun to play. Oh, and the Prince’s voice? Not so cool. Maybe it’ll grow on me, but instead of sounding like an English Aladin (which is totally what he was in Sands of Time), he sounds like a laddish fratboy. Cross your fingers, I guess.

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Kotaku Posts About My Article, Oddly

Posted by deckard47 on November 10, 2008

So, since my last post was about me (a topic I love), this one will be too. Kotaku’s weekend editor, Owen Good, posted a thing about my latest GSW article (the one about LOTR: TTA, and JK: Jedi Outcast). Anyway, I went over and checked it out, wanting of course to do the impossible: i.e. tell everyone “no, that’s not what I meant, let me retract my words and rephrase them!” Silly me. Anyway, check it out, some interesting things said, some less so. Again, I’m surprised, and happy, I guess. Sweet.

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Pure, where are you now?

Posted by deckard47 on September 11, 2008

Suddenly, I want Pure back. Check out this new game, called “Muslim Massacre.” You kill Muslims (some are suicide bombers, some aren’t!), and eventually Allah. People are so fucking dumb. I guess you could read the piece at Kotaku, but I’m not sure you want to, if you want to remain calm. Let us give him (the guy who made it) the benifit of the doubt, why don’t we? It seems like he’s earned it (sarcasm! sarcasm!). What the fuck.

Oh, and if you really want to make yourself angry, go look at the comments. This is why people give me “that” look when I tell them I want to write about games.

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TV Time!

Posted by deckard47 on September 10, 2008

On a lighter note, Fall TV has just started up, and already, I’m happy. The Sarah Connor Chronicles (bad name!) first episdoe rocks my world, and Entourage was (as always) passably entertaining. Next up is Fringe (ewwww, Joshua Jackson), and then House, Life, and others. I’m such a loser.

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Fallout 3 Just Got Amazing

Posted by deckard47 on August 29, 2008

Check this out. NOW.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Maybe I’m just easily impressed, but that video makes my much less worried about Fallout 3. If there’s one thing they’ve got right, it’s the look and feel of a fallout world. And I don’t mean Fallout. It’s obvious that they have their own version of Fallout, and it may look a lot like the old games, but in many ways, it’s their game. The music and feel are all right, and the atmosphere in this video made me forget about some of those recent previews that said the game was boring or drab, or whatever. Maybe I’ll feel differently after having played it for a while, but I think they’ve struck a good balance between nuclear fallout brown and other, subtle shades. I’m not so sure about the combat yet, but this video has convinced me on the setting, at least. There’s a bunch of them up at Gametrailers, I’d recommend checking them out.

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Road Trip!

Posted by deckard47 on August 5, 2008

Time to head out. I’m making it to New Haven, CT, in 5 days (getting there on Saturday night, cross your fingers), hopefully. See you all on the other side.

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