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New Picture!

Posted by deckard47 on December 17, 2007

So, There is an new picture up in the Flickr album over there. The game is hilariously called “Wet.” This of course allows some¬†news-sites¬†(IGN, who also provided the picture) to make Totally Funny comments. Like so: “We get wet and wild with Rubi, a vixen you wouldn’t want to cross.” Sweet! Vixens! Wet stuff! Wild stuff! It’s like being back in high school! But they are grown people, and they write like this…. Anyway, game looks cool, I found out about it via Cerise, I guess they think it’s a step forward for the representation of women via video game trailers. Maybe. It’s certainly a step up from the normal stuff, dunno how big a step forward, but Cerise is right, the trailer (included in the above link) looks pretty awesome, if the game plays half as cool as the trailer looks, it could be a lot of fun. Maybe the main character will be created with care and a lack of stupidity, like Alyx Vance, Portal Woman (who is she!), April Ryan and Kate Walker, as opposed to… anything else, I guess. Plus, those wide-open, old dusty western town-looking areas look very cool. It’ll be like Call of Juarez mixed with some kind of crazy platforming third-person shooter, without the suck!. Oh, and 1up has a preview here, it is less weirdly sexual than the IGN one.


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