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Video Game Awards Videos

Posted by deckard47 on December 10, 2007

There is some ridiculous shit in here, like the Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 video, which stinks of mid-90’s live-action video game cinematics (so not class). Also, that voice-over is amazing. Plus the way that “2” shows up…. Nice. Anyway, there is also a Borderlands trailer, which means jack shit if you know nothing about the game (the trailer could best be described as vague), but the game sounds cool, so I’ll forgive them. The co-op alone sounds like it make make this worth your while, plus Gearbox makes some alright games, even if they do get screwed with ports sometimes.

Aside from that, I hear that the awards were weird and didn’t have much to do with the awarding, which sounds just like the gaming industry. I

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