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Heads Up: Child’s Play at Sleeper Hit

Posted by deckard47 on December 3, 2009

So I’ve been remiss in my Editorial duties. Forgive me, Internet, and people who work at my site. If you will.

So the place where I edit, Sleeper Hit, is having a Child’s Play Charity and Collection (here’s a link to the charity). You can donate money or games (or gaming accessories! Think how important new Guitar Hero guitars are… Right?), and you can do it here, at this link. I’ll let Ron and Melinda (the people behind our small branch of collections for this charity) explain what’s going on:

If you’ve not heard of Child’s Play, visit their site first. Then to see the effects of the charity,check this article out on Kotaku.

It’s not just gamers that can make a difference, it’s everyone. These kids didn’t ask to be sick and likely many are young enough to not really have gotten to experience life to the fullest. So giving them the gift of fun times seems like the smallest thing we can do. That being said, if helping sick kids wasn’t enough of a reason, we’re also trying to reward the generosity with some cool prizes.

So please, check out the Prize page to see the cool things you can win. Then head to the Donate page to send some money to a good charity and possibly win some cool stuff.

So there you have it. Donate some stuff. Cool stuff! Secret stuff. Donate it by going here! It’s a cool charity that gives to kids in crappy hospital-based situations who need a little help to make their situations less crappy. But if you have time/money/inclination please head over there and check it out. We’ll resume our regular broadcasting soon. Until then.

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