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Xbox Live, Finally

Posted by deckard47 on February 10, 2008

So I finally got my Xbox registered, and I now have a months worth of free Gold membership. Um, anyone wanna play Halo 3? Also, I’m going back through Uncharted and unlocking stuff. This game is so cool.


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Posted by deckard47 on January 30, 2008

Ok, quick one here, I really must write about Scopic Regimes of Modernity (!), but the wikipedia page for Drake’s Fortune? Scarily thorough. Rock on, whoever you are.

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Posted by deckard47 on January 3, 2008

First off, there is the news that Uncharted 2 has been given the go, which is fantastic, as the first one was amazing… As all of you should know. Second, I guess that Jade Empire 2 is also in the works, and for the 360 and PS3 (I believe) no less. Fantastic. I never really played the original (I should), so this just gives me an excuse to go ahead and play the first one. Finally, I have been remiss in not reviewing about a million games that I have played or am playing. So, I’ll be posting as many of those as I possibly can in the next few weeks. Oh, and Far Cry 2 was announced for 360 and PS3… Do I care? And finally, Warren Spector could have made a Golden Compass game based on the books. That would have been so fantastic. That just makes me kinda depressed. Off to try out the new Heroes V expansion.

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Dead Space!

Posted by deckard47 on December 3, 2007

Kotaku has a bunch of pictures up from Dead Space, a survival horror game that looks like a cross between The Thing and Event Horizon. This probably means I will be too scared of it to ever play it all the way through, if it is good. Oh, and two of the pictures are up in the photo album thingy over there on the right. I hate fun games that I am too scared to play.


Like the end of Drake’s Fucking Fortune.

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Drake’s Fortune

Posted by deckard47 on December 3, 2007

Alright, I just finished Drake’s Fortune, and although I am too lazy to review it right now (and by too lazy, I mean I am going to back back and unlock more rewards by shooting guys with specific weapons!), I thought I would let you know a thing or two about it. It kick’s ass, there isn’t another way to put it (or if there is, mine is better). It’s fun, beautiful, smooth to play, and has a pretty decent plot, when you get down to it. The gunplay is really amazing, it’s hard to describe how smooth and fun it is. The voice-acting is perfect for what the game is aiming for, and the endgame is fun, if a bit silly.

Oh, and I am 2 assassinations into Assassin’s Creed, and it is still, quite excellent. People who say otherwise are silly. Finally, Motorstorm is fun, but I can’t beat this one level. Grrr. Back to work now?

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Exciting New Feature!!!

Posted by deckard47 on November 19, 2007

So, starting today, on the right of the page, at the top, there will be a “Screen of the Day/Week/Month” album. It’s a link to my Picasa album, so all of the screens will build up, and you’ll be able to see the backlog of screens as I add more and more. I’ll update it whenever, so if the date next to the picture changes, their is a new picture in the album. This weeks is of Drake’s Fortune, and I think it looks pretty awesome (the picture is obviously courtesy of IGN, and will be from them most of the time, their access to screens is slightly greater than mine).

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Drake’s Fortune Makes Me Want Enough Money to Buy a PS3

Posted by deckard47 on November 19, 2007

I know I already posted a Drake’s Fortune trailer, but if you head on over to IGN’s video page for the game, they have some pretty awesome stuff on display. I’m still not sold on the gameplay, but then I can’t be, haven’t played it. On the other hand, the cutscenes really look good. It’s not exactly perfect writing or acting, but somehow they’ve got a kind of summer action movie feel going for them, and I don’t mean a shitty Die Hard 4 feel. Kind of like Romancing the Stone, but 2007 silly, as opposed to 80s silly (and thank God, think of what their hair would have looked like!). That main guy really reminds me of Nathan Fillion. Now I just need a PS3. Crappy.

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Cool Massive Attack Drake’s Fortune Trailer

Posted by deckard47 on October 31, 2007

So I still don’t know if this game will amount to anything good, but this latest Drake’s Fortune trailer has some awesome music in it. It is way to early to be awake and blogging, and yet…As always, thanks to Gametrailers.

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