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Aliens versus Predator: Requiem

Posted by deckard47 on December 28, 2007

So I went to see AVP:R on Christmas Day. I’ll say right off the bat that it was a horrid, idiotic and offensive piece of entertainment, but something else needs to be pointed out first. Today I read with incredulity the NYT review of the movie, which (while nodding knowingly at the film’s cheesiness) felt that “it’s a perfectly respectable next step in the series.” Really? AVP:R is a piece of trash, and it tarnishes my memories of actually good movies, and this is why.

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Rocking for you Today

Posted by deckard47 on December 25, 2007

So, I must get back to doing important stuff, Holiday stuff, but I thought I would say hi to people. Hope that your breaks of various varieties are going well. I also hope that all of you will be doing what I am doing what I am doing later today: going to see Aliens versus Predator: Requiem! Hell yeah. This morning, my brothers completely surprised me with the awesome gift of Rock Band. It is amazing and I will be putting pictures up of us playing it, whether they want me to or not. I rock the singing part of Say it Ain’t so by Weezer, in case all of you were wondering. Everything else, not so much of the rocking. Until next time.. 

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