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Impressions/Screens: More Tales From Terabyte

Posted by deckard47 on April 13, 2009

Sorry for the dry spell (which I almost spelled speel), I’ve no excuse other than that I was sick/in Boston/getting used to the new ordinateur. Now that the plague that afflicted me is losing its hold on me, it’s writing time. There’s a lot of games that I’ve been playing, thanks to the new computer.

Far Cry 2: fun, really fun, in that it takes all of the sneaking, planning, assaulting, long range awesomeness of the first game and cuts out the aliens. Also cool in that it features an upgrade mechanic that I love, because I’m a sucker for that kind of thing. It also lets you create different “builds” of the main character, essentially. I’m rocking a stealth build, with a dart rifle, silenced MP5, and silenced pistol. Sweet. I also like the graphics (very much), and the acting and light story aren’t bad either. Things that annoy me: the car patrols. I don’t mind that there are car patrols on roads, I don’t mind that they are tough, and I don’t mind that there are a lot of them. I can use fast cars, stay off roads, or just walk. The problem is that the armed jeep is the most common car, and the bad guys have “armored jeep radar.” If you hop in this car, they will spot you from two sectors away and fuck you up. I think it’s cool that I have to stay off roads and use small fast cars to avoid detection. It feels interesting. It kills me that 70% of the cars I can easily get to are armored jeeps, inviting me to an asskicking. I end up walking a lot. Which is slow. Oh, and I’m not really sold on The Jackal, his ‘oh snap’ Nietzche quote at the beginning. Maybe it’s the fact that he sounds like a hilarious 10 packs-a-day Kieffer Sutherland, or the fact that he’s never that smart or insightful (and that his words of wisdom are often patently dumb), but I’m annoyed by his gravelly voiced “realism.” Maybe that’s the point? Give me a counterpoint then, some other dumbass to listen to.

The Witcher: What can I say, this game is great, and now it looks great. I’m about to hit Vizima proper, where I will be investigating murders, exploring swamps, and befriending elven rebels. Yes.

Neverwinter Nights 2: Fun, in that clunky way that it is. It’s hard to believe that this is an Obsidian game, because even their most messed up titles have been better than this (I have played KotoR 2 4 or five times, for instance). It looks pretty good, but I can’t run it on high. How old is this game? When I go out into the wilderness, it chugs. I mean, my computer isn’t top of the line, but it’s close. This shouldn’t be an issue. Curses. Also, my thief rocks. Really, like Drakensang, it’s just a distraction for the game this computer was mostly built for. Dragon Age, I’m waiting.

Drakensang: Looks great, more playable now that it’s steady, still a bit silly and clunky, but, sadly, a more enjoyable, solid experience than NWN 2, so far. I’m liking all of the gameplay much more than that in NWN 2, so unless Obsidian’s game can pick up the pace story-wise, I may be Drakensanging exclusively from now on. Weird.

Mass Effect: Did I ever say that I love this game? I hope so, because I could play it a million times. It looks much better (and this matters, trust me, for this game), and the tactical and combat commands are light years ahead of the 360 version. Bioware, I’ll say it straight: if releasing your games on consoles gets you more money, I’m happy for you. BUT. Your games are better on (good) PCs. It’s not like they’re dumber on consoles, they’re just too complicated for the system and the controller. I’m sure Dragon Age 360 will be a good game, but it’s going to pale compared to the PC version. Time to go free Liara, and start kicking ass around the galaxy, with good Shepard, who looks a bit like Errol Flynn. Win for me! Oh, and it looks this good (I had to post a screen, to prove how awesome the new comp is):

Pretty Smoke

That’s about it, I need to go get some work done, so I’ll see you later.


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I am the Lord and Master of the Sword

Posted by deckard47 on December 3, 2008

If you don’t know where the above line comes from, you haven’t enjoyed enough of the “inspired by” rock tracks that shipped with The Witcher: Enhanced Edition. But that’s not the point of this post, sadly. No, I just wanted to point you to this badass (amusingly so) trailer for the console version of The Witcher. Also, I wantedto show you this new shot of the game, proving that I might get to play it in a pretty format some day.

Also, I neglected to post this absolutely fabulous news yesterday, so here it is. Atari is apparently doing alright now (I wonder which Witching we have to thank for that?), so they have announced that they’ll be producing sequels to several games. Who cares about the rest, they say they’re going to make another Baldur’s Gate game. Shit. You know who could do that? The guys who made that game up above. Maybe?

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Good News and Bad News!

Posted by deckard47 on December 1, 2008

So, in a return to blogging (which was cut short by lots of things), I find several terribly exciting bits of news to throw at you.

First (and try not to cry for this one). EA is giving what is essentially the entire Dungeon Keeper world to another company to make a China-only MMOG. Wtf right? Here’s all of the official blather, but I guess we’ll have to hope that somebody decides to port it over here. Because this might be good, it might be amazing.

The second, amazing thing is this: they may be making a console version of The Witcher, which will feature

extensive use of motion-capture for the character animations, have better lighting and environmental effects, improved enemy AI and full achievement and trophy support

I could care less about the trophies, but the rest sounds sweet. I don’t think they realize this over at CD Projekt, but I will buy every version of this game that they produce, except the kart racing strategy version. Exciting!

Finally, a fancy-schmancy video for Black Mesa, the Source engine total conversion/recreation of HL1. Very cool.

In actual gaming that I’m doing news, Sacred 2 is kind of sweet. It’s like Titan Quest but less flabby, it knows what you want and delivers. And by that I mean it delivers a talking deadly robot dog avatar. Sweet.

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Dragon Age Console Attack!

Posted by deckard47 on October 16, 2008

So guess what just got dated for 360 and PS3?! Wait don’t look at the title, I bet you can’t guess. Anyway, looks like it will be showing up in time for the holiday season next year. Shit, that’s a long way from now isn’t it?

In other news, I am a bad blogger. Sorry. The Witcher Enhanced Edition, World of Goo, and Jericho (still) are keeping me busy. I have to say, when you turn the difficulty down on Jericho, it becomes much more fun. You play, you die, you heal, but you don’t have to watch that fucking fly-attack death animation every 3 minutes. Yay.

World of Goo is absolutely fantastic, but I’m already stuck. It’s in Chapter 2, with the big escape-prevention-cogs-mechanism. Help! This game is one of the most interesting, cute, funny, and beautifully made games I’ve seen in a while. I win for preordering it and getting their DRM-free online version. 2D Boy rocks my world.

I’m hoping to get my hands on Disciples 3 soon, which I hope someone cares about. Please? Time to go back to Vizima!

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Too Human Demo

Posted by deckard47 on July 24, 2008

I just finished the demo, and, as has been pointed out, it has some issues (and this is still just the demo). I understand why so many people are freaking out about the camera. It feels funny to me too, and after finishing Heavenly Sword (review, soon), I really had trouble controlling my urge to move the camera with the right stick. Still, it isn’t the big deal that people have been saying it is. More troubling is the kind of silly dialogue, the oddly weightless objects (when that APC hits the snow, it looks like paper, not like a tank), and the teenage characterization of certain NPCs. I’m thinking of the three oracle types: the hot sultry one, the old wise one, and the middling business one. That whole scene was just ludicrous. And yet, I liked what I played. The RPG aspects seem cool, although the skill tree seems mighty short. In the demo, I used up a lot of the skill points allotted, and had almost maxed out two skills. The combat is fun (I can’t juggle though), and co-op sounds cool. Gamefly, definitely.

In almost Gamefly related news, there is a new site up, run by the guys at CD Projeky (they have some pretty good marketing savy, you gotta give them that). It’s called Good Old Games, and it’s basically a cool, fun collection of digital download PC games. I’m talking good games, not all of the Barbie Pet Rescue games. There’s Fallout Tactics (YES), Sacrifice, MDK, etc. I love this idea, and I have already signed up for the beta. Steam is great, but this site just looks like it has better taste. Plus, it’s DRM free, so you can download them again and again, as many times as is necessary (no bullshit about a maximum number of downloads, in case your computer crashes). So, yeah, check it out.

Next up, I just found out that EB Games (online) allows you to download games. You know what you can download? Arcanum for 10 dollars. Shit. Do it. In a slightly less amazing deal moment, I saw Disciples 2 at a Target for 10 dollars, in Santa Rosa. I’ve played almost all of the factions, and it’s interesting to compare this game to past and present iterations of the HOMM franchise. I like the style a lot, and I have to say, I wouldn’t be sad if they released another game in the same series. It’s less about amassing large armies, and more about carefully leveling up your weak early characters. I like the idea that my lowly apprentice can be a deadly sorcerer by the end of the game, if I take care of him. Plus, their take on elves is kinda cool. Instead of being regular Tolkein elves, they’re more feral and animalistic, kind of like Underworld’s (awful) take on werewolves. Cross your fingers, I guess.

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News/Hype: It’s aaah meeee!

Posted by deckard47 on April 25, 2008

I don’t know how many of you have read the PA post for today, but it pretty much sums up how I think I’ll be reacting to the game. I liked Kart 64, I liked Double Dash (especially co-op driving, against two other people), and it looks like I’ll like this game. It’s fun, an important quality, and once Sam and I do get a Wii (it’ll happen!), we’re going to be rocking mushrooms and green shells all the fucking way.

Oh, and in my boredom, I found out that Dead Rising 2 might be on the way, but from a western developer. Honestly, if they can keep the same scope and feel, but polish the thing up a bit, I don’t care who develops it. Oh, and I have to go confirm this, but I heard that CD Projekt (the weirdos behind The Witcher) are looking for 360 talent. What could that mean? I really hope it’s not the Age of Conan port. Who cares about that. Now, The Witcher 360…. Interesting. Maybe they could produce a functioning game?

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Thank You, CD Projekt

Posted by deckard47 on February 18, 2008

Hey, American developers. You want to know how to do it right? Go check out what CD Projekt is doing for The Witcher. Basically, they are releasing much needed updates (like the previous loading update), along with a bunch of extra content. New animations, new character models, new lip-synching, new missions and areas, and a level editor for creating modules. And it’s all free for people who already bought the game. That is classy.

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News: The Witcher is No Longer Hideously Slow

Posted by deckard47 on December 20, 2007

So there is a new patch out for The Witcher, and aside from a number of bug fixes, it alleviates the amazing slow load and save times, as well as transition periods. If anyone actually plays or likes this game, check it out.

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Witchy Enough for the Witcher?

Posted by deckard47 on November 5, 2007

Yeah, so I haven’t been posting much recently, due to massive working, and my purchase of The Witcher. It’s pretty damn good, despite some amazingly juvenile design decisions regarding “mature” content. Those options (and I am of course referring to having sex with practically every single woman in the game… Whaaat?) are entirely optional, so if you want to, you can play the entire game without following through on this idiotic game mechanic. I suggest you do so, because underneath that weirdness is a great, fun CRPG, the likes of which I haven’t seen in years. Oh yes, and watch out for the fucking load times, they hurt so bad.

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