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News and Hype: Mass Effect 2 and Save Games

Posted by deckard47 on December 29, 2009

Because I know you are all waiting, breathless, your save games clutched to your chests. You had better be.

This here (linky) is a long post on the Mass Effect 2 forums concerning what will and what will not carry over when you transfer your old Mass Effect saves into the new game. It is both practical (how do PC users do it, etc.) and exciting. It tells you about all of the little things that your previous playthrough will affect, from starting alignment and money, to slightly plot-related things. It’s not much of a thread (after the initial post, it degrades into those Internet people being rude), so I guess I’ll throw this Gametrailers ME 2 page in for good measure. It has a ton of trailers (one which I had not seen when I first linked to it, amazingly), and hopefully it will make the next 4 weeks pass less fretfully.

For everyone else (and me!), there are ME playthroughs to complete. I may not be in love with the voice of male Shepard, but I feel like I should have a character to take into ME 2 that is both a renegade (all of me women renegades are on the hideous 360 version. Bah) and a dude. As always, I’ll probably spend hours trying to create a guy (who doesn’t look like their stubbly villain) who looks like a human. This is how far I’ll go for my Mass Effect love!

Somehow, I’d managed to stay away from the Mass Effect 2 site until tonight. I’m not sure how that is even possible. As you all know, in the weeks and days preceding Dragon Age‘s release, I was almost intolerably obsessed with the site and its codex. Now, I discover a similar trove (an evil trove) of delights on the ME 2 page. Here, for instance, is a link to Tali’s page (with, of course, a video). No need to thank me. Slightly less exciting (but still exciting) than Tali’s page is the page on the Vorcha, one of ME 2‘s new races. Not only do they look cool and scary, but their name also sounds quite similar to a certain class of Kilngon warship.

Maybe I should stop now. There’s a whole page detailing the Mass Effect 2 armory, but what I really want are lore entries. Of course, most of the lore is already in place, thanks to Mass Effect. Still, there are new races and enemies, weapons and vehicles, so I hope they reveal some of that stuff closer to the drop date (January 26th). That’s a long way off, but I’m sure that commander Tom Shepard (it’s actually really weird to give a character your own name, I’ve discovered) can keep me company until then.


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Impressions/Screens: More Tales From Terabyte

Posted by deckard47 on April 13, 2009

Sorry for the dry spell (which I almost spelled speel), I’ve no excuse other than that I was sick/in Boston/getting used to the new ordinateur. Now that the plague that afflicted me is losing its hold on me, it’s writing time. There’s a lot of games that I’ve been playing, thanks to the new computer.

Far Cry 2: fun, really fun, in that it takes all of the sneaking, planning, assaulting, long range awesomeness of the first game and cuts out the aliens. Also cool in that it features an upgrade mechanic that I love, because I’m a sucker for that kind of thing. It also lets you create different “builds” of the main character, essentially. I’m rocking a stealth build, with a dart rifle, silenced MP5, and silenced pistol. Sweet. I also like the graphics (very much), and the acting and light story aren’t bad either. Things that annoy me: the car patrols. I don’t mind that there are car patrols on roads, I don’t mind that they are tough, and I don’t mind that there are a lot of them. I can use fast cars, stay off roads, or just walk. The problem is that the armed jeep is the most common car, and the bad guys have “armored jeep radar.” If you hop in this car, they will spot you from two sectors away and fuck you up. I think it’s cool that I have to stay off roads and use small fast cars to avoid detection. It feels interesting. It kills me that 70% of the cars I can easily get to are armored jeeps, inviting me to an asskicking. I end up walking a lot. Which is slow. Oh, and I’m not really sold on The Jackal, his ‘oh snap’ Nietzche quote at the beginning. Maybe it’s the fact that he sounds like a hilarious 10 packs-a-day Kieffer Sutherland, or the fact that he’s never that smart or insightful (and that his words of wisdom are often patently dumb), but I’m annoyed by his gravelly voiced “realism.” Maybe that’s the point? Give me a counterpoint then, some other dumbass to listen to.

The Witcher: What can I say, this game is great, and now it looks great. I’m about to hit Vizima proper, where I will be investigating murders, exploring swamps, and befriending elven rebels. Yes.

Neverwinter Nights 2: Fun, in that clunky way that it is. It’s hard to believe that this is an Obsidian game, because even their most messed up titles have been better than this (I have played KotoR 2 4 or five times, for instance). It looks pretty good, but I can’t run it on high. How old is this game? When I go out into the wilderness, it chugs. I mean, my computer isn’t top of the line, but it’s close. This shouldn’t be an issue. Curses. Also, my thief rocks. Really, like Drakensang, it’s just a distraction for the game this computer was mostly built for. Dragon Age, I’m waiting.

Drakensang: Looks great, more playable now that it’s steady, still a bit silly and clunky, but, sadly, a more enjoyable, solid experience than NWN 2, so far. I’m liking all of the gameplay much more than that in NWN 2, so unless Obsidian’s game can pick up the pace story-wise, I may be Drakensanging exclusively from now on. Weird.

Mass Effect: Did I ever say that I love this game? I hope so, because I could play it a million times. It looks much better (and this matters, trust me, for this game), and the tactical and combat commands are light years ahead of the 360 version. Bioware, I’ll say it straight: if releasing your games on consoles gets you more money, I’m happy for you. BUT. Your games are better on (good) PCs. It’s not like they’re dumber on consoles, they’re just too complicated for the system and the controller. I’m sure Dragon Age 360 will be a good game, but it’s going to pale compared to the PC version. Time to go free Liara, and start kicking ass around the galaxy, with good Shepard, who looks a bit like Errol Flynn. Win for me! Oh, and it looks this good (I had to post a screen, to prove how awesome the new comp is):

Pretty Smoke

That’s about it, I need to go get some work done, so I’ll see you later.

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Mass Effect PC

Posted by deckard47 on March 4, 2009

Or, why I’m such a moron. Yes, I bought the rather cheap Steam edition, but still, this is a game I’ve beaten twice. Well, horribly I’m really excited to try and beat it again. This time, I’m building a character (a guy, which I haven’t done before) who might be neutral, and who will definitely be an Infiltrator. Exciting, right? Anyway, I actually need to get back to Dreamfall and Quake Live, and making dinner. Fantastic. Promise I’ll have a ore substantial post soon.

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Mass Effect, Paragon Style

Posted by deckard47 on June 24, 2008

I actually have a whole bunch of things I want to write about, but I can’t remember them right now. So I’ll just write about Mass Effect. I just finished my second playthrough, on Hard mode, as a Soldier. Being a Soldier is boring, as long as you buy the special Specter gear and use the right ammo, you never die. Of course, watching mon frere play through the game, on Normal, as a Vanguard, I realized how incredibly hard the game is. Admittedly, he doesn’t try as hard to completely master silly and badly designed control schemes, but he still tries. At every turn, he is amazed by how weird the controls are, or how annoying a certain aspect of design is. And he’s never wrong. Still, since he played it for about 6 or 7 hours yesterday, he probably likes it, right? It’s impressive, I guess, how shitty their control scheme and documentation is (when he first flew out into the different star systems, I was reminded of a certain comic. They just shove you in there, and let you drown.

Anyway, as regards finishing the game as a good Commander Sheperd, it’s a totally different experience. When you [SPOILER – SPOILER – SPOILER] choose whether or not to kill the council [END SPOILER], the repercussions are huge. I mean, I realized that it might change how you have that last conversation, but I didn’t realize that it would change the people involved in that way. Very, very cool. So, the question is, what character class next? I’m thinking Engineer or Adept, just because it’ll be a big change from soldier. I guess we’ll see. Any suggestions?

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Gamefly, Wii, and 360 update

Posted by deckard47 on June 14, 2008

So the first two of my Gamefly games showed up today: Metroid Corruption and Culdcept Saga. Both of these games are fun (Metroid is definitely more fun), but they both feel a bit simple, for lack of a better word. Metroid is, in many ways, amazing. The graphics are cool, the control is great, the settings are interesting and varied, and it’s just a fun shooter. Yet its plot and storytelling remind me of Halo 3, in the worst possible ways. I mean, they’re a little bit better, but for the most part, any joy I derive from the story comes from the info I read about my cool fellow bounty hunters. I know that many games use logs, encyclopedia entries and such to keep you in the story, but those games (Mass Effect, Bioshock, ACP2) had a far more compelling narrative, I feel. Yes, even AVP2.

Culdcept Saga’s problems are much more obvious. I like the board game aspect, I like cards, I like leveling my spaces up, but I hate the characters, “plot,” “acting,” and art, in many cases. I know, that’s not what the game is about, but why spend money on that shit if it is going to suck this much? Spend it elsewhere. I basically skip all of that stuff as it is now presented in the game. I watched the first two long cutscenes, and I sure wasn’t impressed. Oh well, Devil May Cry 4 will show up when I return one of these games: talk about great plotlines and acting!

The Wii is awesome, although I use a VGA plug for it, same as my 360. This means I switch them a lot, and I’m worried I’ll strip the screws. I’m gonna order a VGA extender, I think, so that if I break something, it’s the extender, not the cable. The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age is coming along nicely. I’ve just started making my way through the land of the Roharim (or whatever the spelling is). Love that plot. Mon frere has just reached the Citedal in Mass Effect. Watching him fight enemies, I realize just how unintuitive and badly designed the interface is. Fighting, moving, everything is designed in the most ass-backwards way possible. Again, I long for the PC version, with its mouse, and more importantly, more than 3 fucking buttons to map everything to. That’s about it from here, although I keep on telling myself I need to try playing NWN2, even if it breaks my computer. We’ll see.

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Not Much

Posted by deckard47 on May 30, 2008

As I write from the deepest and most hideous recesses of the West Coast, things look pretty grim. In a bleak land where gaming is nearly impossible, I send out a message full of sadness. First of all, Mass Effect for the PC looks like the game that the first one should have been: very short elevator rides, actual tactical combat, an interface designed for earthlings, and no ludicrous pop-ins. Too bad I’d need to sell a kidney to get a PC that could run it well. Stupid Bioware.

Also, Owen has finally convinced me that a Wii is necessary: he’s a dangerous and convincing kind of devil, so I hope I’m ready to weather a year or more of his influence. Unfortunately, to buy a Wii you must either be Satan (so why doesn’t he buy me one?), or you must buy 5 fucking pack-in games. Some are worth it: Mario Galaxy, the new Smash Bros, and Mario Party 25. Others make me want to puke: Crash of the Titans (and Bandicoot), Wii Play, and some golf shit? Ick. You can’t actually buy a fucking system for 250 dollars, because that would be normal. No wonder Nintendo is making so much money. If I bought a Wii right now, I’d probably pay more than I did for the PS3. What the fuck. They’re a troop of thieves, really, and their villainy has spread far and wide. I can’t even buy the Galaxy bundle from EBX until the 6th… Even then, how long would it be till I actually received a copy? I understand that anyone who wants one is in this situation. I just assumed (dunno why) that Nintendo actually wanted me to buy their shit. Hell, I thought they’d want me to play their fantastic games: Mario Kart, Smash, Zelda, Metroid, Bloom Blox, I want them all. It’s quite apparent that this is not the case. They want me to buy those games, but only after they’ve used bundles to shovel liquid gaming crap down my throat. One offer they thought they could tantalize me with was the box art for the 99 Nights game. I can’t stress this enough Nintendo: for the guys with the cheapest system, the most “accessible” system, you make me want to not buy your stuff. You make me want to go back to playing Mass Effect, or COD4, Dragon Quest VIII, or any other game on another system that is designed to be purchased by sane people under the age of 45. From my cave of childish Internet rage, I strike at thee.

On a lighter note, Trauma Center DS (for which I must thank The Accountant) is fun. Tricky, but fun. Oh, and running into people on the street who you lived with in another country and haven’t seen for a year? Crazy.

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Bwahahah, I’m Back

Posted by deckard47 on March 12, 2008

Instead of working, I found two very exciting bits of information for you. First of all, Mass Effect 2’s side-quests won’t make you throw up in boredom. Yes! Apparently now that the game has been defined and established, number 2 can have minor quests that are actually fun. Maybe.

Second, Dawn of War (that’s Relic’s Warhammer 40K strategy game), which I enjoyed quite a lot, is getting a sequel. Yay for everybody who liked it.

Finally, and this is a bit late, the new Mass Effect DLC expansion mission, “Bringing Down the Sky,” is out and about, waiting to be downloaded. I already have it, but I have yet to muster up the will to make a new character. Will it be the honorable version of my dastardly Alana Shepard (cruel, badass, savior of the galaxy) or a male character? It’s hard to make men, because besides their grizzled hairless goon, the noses, hair, eyes and other facial features for men are bizarre. I feel like Viktor Frankenstein, mixing and matching hideous and disparate body parts. Speaking of Victor and his own creator… back to the salt mines.

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Posted by deckard47 on February 18, 2008

So Bioware just said that they are not necessarily working on more KOTOR games. Why Bioware, why? You hurt me so much. Also, EA just told us that Mass Effect is going to be a franchise for “a very long time.” Oh no, please no. Three games, that was the plan. Haven’t you learned anything from Die Hard 4? Don’t do it? The second game might not even be good. Allow the Bioware people out from under your demonic heel and allow them to make lots of fun, original games. Oh wait, I really want Mass Effect: Skate All Over Your Face

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Posted by deckard47 on February 7, 2008

It looks like that Indian Jones game powered by the grabby-on-to-things A.I. (as shown in Force Unleashed) is still chugging forward, and will make an appearance at GDC. Cool.

Much, much more importantly, there is about to be DLC for Mass Effect. I’m not sure words can explain my joy. Now my alarmingly rugged good-guy hero character can rock a little longer.

Finally, I am about to start building my first NWN module. This might take a couple of years. Wish me luck.

Oh, and why is it that 150 of you hit my site today, and a huge portion of you were looking for pictures of Hugh Laurie as Gordon Freeman? Why the sudden interest? I mean, I understand, it is a picture that rocks more than most, but still…

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Hells Yeah

Posted by deckard47 on January 24, 2008

Ok, I don’t like linking to Kotaku too much, I’m worried some of the hideous sexist racist crazies that sometimes patrol their boards might somehow slide on over here, but this must be pointed out (plus I can’t find the original document). Apparently EA (who I normally hate, the way bad smelling dudes hate Starbucks) sent out a letter explaining to FOX News exactly how and why they fucked up with that little video I linked to recently. Good job EA, I know you just want Mass Effect sales to rock some more, but good for you for trying to protect Bioware, us consumers, and the brains of gullible parents everywhere.

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More Amusement in the Land of Sexmolutions

Posted by deckard47 on January 23, 2008

I needed something to amuse me today, and here we go. By way of Joystiq, I discovered that Fox News has an exciting, cutting edge report on Mass Effect, and how it desensitizes our young men (and only them, cause they are the only gamerz) to sex and violence. It features two talking heads who have never played the game, and snort scornfully when asked if they have done so (you know, for research or accuracy, or something). Sadly for our valiant reporters, the third person is someone who knows a lot about Mass Effect, Geoff Keighley, and I’d say there is enough of a smack-down delivered here to make me feel slightly less disgusted. Excellent. then again, they go on to say how hard it is to be a parent, to check what your child is doing. Even if we ignore the 360’s content control (which borders on the stunningly controlling, if you ask me), parents could, you know, look at what they buy their hideous spawn. It is a possibility.

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Posted by deckard47 on January 20, 2008

So I should be sleeping, it’s 12:30 am, I have to wake up early tomorrow to drive back to school, etc. But, I need to put up my Witcher review (soon!), and talk about the 500 movies I’ve seen in the last week, and get back to regular blogging, since school starting is the perfect event to kick me back into gear. Like I said, sleepy time, but it is important that all of you know that the ending for Mass Effect is fantastic, and makes you fee like you are watching a movie, or some other medium which can convey the sense of a suspended narrative (i.e. the implication that there is more to the story, and we’re only just taking a quick break), but does it in a way that isn’t hideously out of place within the narrative. Basically, I want the sequel now, I’m more excited for it than I have been for the last two Harry Potter books. Sweet.

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Posted by deckard47 on January 15, 2008

Remember that Kevin McCullough guy I linked all of you to? Turns out the author of that article wishes to clarify his earlier comments…. Check out his new and improved statements using this link! Here is a link to the Kotaku post that includes the choicest corrections made. Enjoy. Also, shame on all of you “gamer nerds” out there who are after “lesbo-alien sex.” How many gamers is that, actually? I mean, considering that there are absolutely no straight women or gay men who play games, that must be all gamers, I guess. Damn you gaming nerds!

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New And Amazing Virtual Stupidity

Posted by deckard47 on January 15, 2008

Alright, I don’t know how many people have read about this, but there is a site called which recently put an article up warning us all about the dangers of Mass Effect. The guy (a Mr. Kevin McCullough) warns us of many different and dangerous elements of Mass Effect. There is a lot of dumb stuff in there, ignorant, uninformed, crazy, etc. I want to give you a portrait of what he believes is going on, as the game he believes exists probably consists of advanced sexmolutions being beamed directly into your child’s crib, using virtual interwebs and high-definition IPs. Or something. Seriously though, check it out, he warns you that:

“the video game persons hump in every form, format, multiple, gender-oriented possibility they can think of.”

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Nice Things Are Nicer Than Nasty Ones

Posted by deckard47 on January 12, 2008

The appearance of an Xbox 360 in my room (and the subsequent awesomeness that is Mass Effect) is a two-part story. First, I called Gamestop to see what their stock is: they have one left. I go in 20 minutes later, and ask again to see it so I can buy it. The guy tells me that they have been sold out for two months. Now, I had called 2 other places before this, so I thought maybe I got the numbers switched in my head. But no, what happened is, they sold it in those 20 minutes, and decided (or were forced to by company policy) to tell me they were like, totally sold out, probably so the 360’s looked like they were super popular. Maybe. I’d like to think that they had to, because of their instructions, and that the guy wasn’t being an asshole. But then he did something unrelated that was an asshole thing to do. When I was greeted with the “sold out” line, I was obviously taken aback. I think I asked “oh, you mean it got sold in the last half hour since I called?” in a completely normal, questioning voice. I was honestly confused. The guy cuts me off and says “no we have been sold out for a month.” Whatever, guy.

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