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News/Articles: GSW and a MYSTERIOUS SECRET

Posted by deckard47 on April 19, 2010

This shit is mysterious

There is in fact a new GSW piece up (by me!). It’s all about Red Faction: Guerrilla and Die Hard. If you’ve read “Naktomi Space,” you know where this is going. If you haven’t, then you totally should. Read it that is. Here’s a bit from the GSW column:

Games that create interesting, properly interactive worlds are special. Games don’t even have to be incredibly “interactive” to convince gamers that this world is exactly the kind of world that the player’s avatar would move through, in this kind of story and this kind of game.

Many is the game that forgets this rule and takes one kind of story and world and plugs the worst possibly matched gameplay and interface into that world. I loveMass Effect 2, and I like the direction Bioware is taking their third person shooting, but the world Commander Sheppard moves through isn’t an epic, highly fluctuating one (as the world of Sheppard’s words and deeds certainly is). Instead, ME 2’s world is dead, a beautiful clutch of austere worlds and rooms, each less believable than the last.

I hope that was exciting for you as it was for me. I rather like this one, because it’s about RF: G and Die Hard, but I also like it because it’s not complete shit. So that’s a recommendation, of a sort.

The second thing I wanted to talk about is the secret! It’s really exciting. It has to do with Simon Ferrari, he of the improbably porn-like (I bet he loves it when people point this out to him) name, among others. It’s going to redefine the way you think about life. Or it might just make you think about what it means for a person like me to say that something will “redefine the way that you think about life.” In other words it might annoy you because of how awesome it will be. Either way, I’ll be writing more about it soon.

That’s it. I’m playing X-COM: UFO Defense and Zombie Driver. Right now. One is fast and fun, but it makes me cry because of how bright and busy it is. The other is fun, but it’s so difficult and obtuse in places, it makes me mildly frustrated. That just means I want to play it more though, so “frustrated” is not by any means an attack on the game’s good name. I bet I’ll be writing about one or both of them soon. So, this post has mostly been a post about what I’m promising I’ll do soon. Now I know why you all come here. It’s for the cold, hard, facts, and viciously clever criticism I bust out every day. Thanks.

[PS: The photo there at the top is there because it’s the coolest thing that shows up in Google when you search for “mysterious.” It also has Gabrielle Anwar, Patrick Stewart, and Vinnie Jones, and giant poulpes. Plus, Stewart plays Captain Nemo, which is 100 times as badass as anything else, ever]


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Article Roundup: Back… In the Saddle-Like Thing

Posted by deckard47 on February 11, 2010

Where a zombie once was a man… The people who read the third Doom novel can now join me in laughing/crying. It’s good to meet you.

It has been a bit. After that peculiar flurry of “Best of ’09” posting, I’ve been quiet. I can, of course, blame Mass Effect 2, Star Trek Online, Arcanum, Stalker (the original, now all modded up), and (now) Bioshock 2 for these delays. I could also tell you that I’m a flighty, inconsistent man. Both of these things are true. This post is meant to boot me back into writing, but it’s also meant to force me to post a lot of links and stuff I’ve been forgetting to post. So, let’s get that stuff out of the way first, shall we? First off, we have my new GSW column. It’s about Modern Warfare 2. Oh crap, don’t leave.

Really, it’s me whining about how people like the game, and they totally shouldn’t, because it’ll be the death of us. Or maybe just annoying. I suppose it could be either. To find out more (so much more!), read the excerpt below, and then head over to GSW for the entire, delicious thing.

The plot, writing, and characters of Modern Warfare 2 are all wretched. There are other ways to put this, but none of them communicate my full disgust with the separate parts of this product, and its heft and intention as a whole entity. Infinity Ward has mastered the art of pretentious (not because it is in any way intelligent, but because it thinks it is saying anything of worth or import) military drama, just as it has mastered the art of the contemporary linear military shooter.

As an “entertaining” piece of jingoistic military schlock, Modern Warfare 2 hits a few good notes here and there. The idea of a massive invasion blasting apart and disfiguring everyday America is a potent one, although as I’ll explain later, IW’s execution of this interesting situation leaves much to be desired. Likewise, its depiction of a long firefight through a capital in ruins is tense, desperate, and perfectly paced. Even a problematic trip to Brazil (opening with a hugely annoying mission) salvages itself somewhat, delivering a tense, alarming firefight through a crowded market where sight lines are crap and the enemies are plentiful.

Were you surprised? I was surprised. Full article at this link!

What’s next? A ton of Popmatters delicacies: Read the rest of this entry »

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Kotaku Posts About My Article, Oddly

Posted by deckard47 on November 10, 2008

So, since my last post was about me (a topic I love), this one will be too. Kotaku’s weekend editor, Owen Good, posted a thing about my latest GSW article (the one about LOTR: TTA, and JK: Jedi Outcast). Anyway, I went over and checked it out, wanting of course to do the impossible: i.e. tell everyone “no, that’s not what I meant, let me retract my words and rephrase them!” Silly me. Anyway, check it out, some interesting things said, some less so. Again, I’m surprised, and happy, I guess. Sweet.

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GameSetWatch, Jericho, and Graffiti

Posted by deckard47 on October 12, 2008

I’ve been writing articles at GameSetWatch for a couple of weeks now, under the mysterious pseudonym Tom Cross. I’ve written a couple of articles, and I like them all (some of you may have come here from GSW, in which case, welcome), so I thought I’d set up some kind of regular link to them. I’ll do that soon, but for now, here’s a link to the most recent one, about Clive Barker’s Jericho.

More importantly, I wanted to link you to a post over at Graffiti Gamer, where Daniel Purvis takes Jericho and goes in an interesting, welcome and completely different direction. Check it out, and maybe, if you can spare the time, check out Jericho.

As always, posting has been light (how many times have I written that). Work, play, business, you know how it is. I think I might actually purchase Dead Space (although I’m broke!), and if I do, I’ll definitely let y’all know how it is, because I’m expecting good things. Aside from that, I still owe the internet my Arkham Horror post (right?). Soon, I promise. Time to go make Paella and eat home-made Challa. Sweet.

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