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GoG Are Villains

Posted by deckard47 on April 21, 2009

They’re having a Fallout compilation sale. Read this:

  • 3 original soundtracks in MP3
  • 9 hi-res wallpapers
  • More than 300 artworks from all games
  • Fallout Bible with special introduction by Chris Avellone (205 pages)
  • Set of avatars
  • 3 original manuals and reference cards

That cuts right to my evil heart. A special introduction by Chris Avellone? Soundtracks? Artworks and wallpapers? 3 original manuals, the kind they don’t make anymore and that I long for day and night? I hate you GoG. This would not only net me all of that cool stuff, but also Fallout Tactics, which I think about a lot these days. It’s tough being me, sometimes.


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Obsidian, I Love You Again

Posted by deckard47 on April 20, 2009

For two reasons, not just one. First, Owen, being a villain, started playing KotoR II again. Unsurprisingly, I couldn’t resist, not after realizing that there was some unplayed modular build of a character I’d previously played that I could try out. I’m so weak. Anyway, my new Dark Side Sentinel will be busting out of Peragus soon enough. The game looks really good, especially now that I’ve figured out how to trick it into widescreen. It really shouldn’t be that difficult, but it is. More soon.

What else do I love about Obsidian (and it isn’t NWN2, sadly)? The fact that they’re working on the next Fallout game for Bethesda. Shit. I don’t think it’s a secret that I think that Obsidian are some of the best writers out there, and that while their games may not always be as polished, their stories are often more nuanced than those found in Bioware games. Anyway, I would love to see the skills so amazingly honed in KotoR II make their appearance in some kind of Fallout universe game. I’ll be honest with you, it would make me actually interested in the series again. Fallout 3 languishes in its case, wondering why I’m playing older, less polished RPGs. Its because I can’t stand your writing, story, or tone, F3! I hope it didn’t hear that, I don’t want to hurt its feelings. Go Obsidian!

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