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Resuscitation: Dragon Age

Posted by deckard47 on February 23, 2011


You get dollars if you remember seeing this ages ago and thinking: "Crap, I hope that's not a real screen."

You get dollars if you remember seeing this ages ago and thinking: "Crap, I hope that's not a real screen."

I enjoy playing Dragon Age: Origins quite a bit. I haven’t written about it that much here, but I’ve played around two hundred hours of the game (spread across 3 playthroughs). Considering Dragon Age is a single player game, that’s actually very impressive. For me, 100 hour and over playtimes are reserved for multiplayer games like L4D2 and games with titles like Call of Honorable Men in Bad Companionable Duty.

While I’m a fan (of a sort) of Bioware’s writing, plotting, and actor-hiring, the solace I’ve taken out of all of these playthroughs (and especially the most recent one) of Dragon Age has had little to do with the game’s world or story. Instead, I’ve come to relish the game’s character leveling system and combat encounters. I certainly can’t praise Dragon Age’s combat mechanics. Party member AI in combat is almost unbelievably stupid (though this is a game brought to us by the people who created the path finding in Baldur’s Gate 2, so I shouldn’t be surprised). To start playing Dragon Age with a new character − especially after a long break from the game − is to be unpleasantly reminded of the AI’s complete inability to do anything right. Read the rest of this entry »


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Impressions: I am a Poacher of Werewolves

Posted by deckard47 on November 12, 2009

So I just finished the Dalish Elf quarter of the main quest. It was tough, but thanks to my newly acquired Arcande Warrior specialty, I made it past Dragons, the undead, and a ton of werewolves. Being me (and my elven mage being a nice lady), I saved the elves and the werewolves. It was a nice quest, even it if it was a little Star Trek-y (oh wait, both sides have different stories… Who is right?), and I’m looking forward to going back in there and getting the rest of my new armor set. I’m tired and it is late, so I won’t write anything else here. I wish I had more to say, but I feel funny writing about it when I’m only 1/4 (at the most) of the way through the game. Unlike the blazingly fast Simon, I don’t have what it takes to blow through this game (as my multiple characters show). Some people live for loot in RPGs. I live for different narrative arcs. Suddenly, right now, I really want to play as a Dalish Warrior archer and see how the Dalish quest plays out. As that young man, I would kill the werewolves quickly a viciously, I think.

On the other hand, when I get there as my charismatic young thief, I know she’ll side with the werewolves. This is the kind of thing that eats away at my life. I thought I’d escaped, allowing for this kind of unpleasant obsession every year or so with a run-through of Baldur’s Gate 2. How quickly I slip back into my old way. I actually have to get some work done soon, but I hope to finish the next hub (the Circle of Magi, so I can see my old friends and enemies) by the week’s end. I really must sleep now, so this is goodbye. Good luck with the dragons, and with Modern Warfare 2, if that is your thing (I’ll be trying out a PS3 version of it soon. Anyone have it for PS3 and want to play some MP?).

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Impressions: Dragon Age and that other Bioware game…

Posted by deckard47 on November 6, 2009

So I played an unhealthy amount of Dragon Age last night. I now have two characters, a female City Elf Warrior (dual wield, thinking of going Templar and Berserker for her) and a male human noble Rogue (dual wield backstab specialist, going assassin and dualist). I liked both origin stories, although I’m still unsure what I think about the City Elf origin. It was extremely unpleasant in its subject matter, and the way the bad things were portrayed (rape, murder, and racist oppression) were very abrupt and matter-of-fact. It was very George R. R. Martin, which I don’t really mean as a compliment (to Martin, that is). I’m not sure, as I said, how I feel about it. Another playthrough is in order before I come down hard on Bioware (if I come down hard).

I think he brutalizes his characters just to show how REAL his world is, and I got tired of watching him murder, rape, and abuse them after a few books. Bioware likes its characters more, and isn’t as willing to destroy them to keep their world Dark, which endears them to me. I like people who like the fictional worlds and people they create.

I also love Alistair and the Dog. Alistair is hilarious (the actor who plays him does a great job), and the Dog is really impressive in how it is animated and characterized. I already like it better than the Fable 2 dog. But back to the origin stories. It is obvious that Bioware was keen to create emotionally charged stories, and I think they succeeded. As a City Elf, I was perfectly happy to murder the man who had my friends murdered and raped, and my fiancée killed. My only complaint was that we didn’t get to know any of the elves in the alienage. As a noble, I met and got to know my whole family. Thus, when they were murdered while I slept, and their murderer escaped, I was ready to track him down and kill him. And then stupid Duncan whisks me off to fight the Blight. It made sense as a delaying tactic narratively, but I wanted to get straight to the revenge. I still don’t know what happened to my brother. Is he dead too?

The combat is uniformly excellent all of the skills have their place, as do the spells, potions, poisons, and various abilities. I’m still trying to figure out how to use traps well… I suspect I’m not being sneaky enough with them. I really enjoy playing as a back stabbing Rogue. It’s much more complex tactically than playing my fighter is. I can already tell that I want to play certain classes as certain races. Right now, it breaks down like this: Dalish Elf/Warrior Sword Shield, Dwarf Commoner/Ranger, Elven Mage. I will of course play all of the origins eventually, but I want to do it too much for fear of overplaying Ostragar and the Korcari Wilds.

Finally, I think I like the morality system better in this game: it doesn’t exist. Instead, you can make people in your party like you or not like you, just by doing things they would or would not like. So far I’m sucking up to everyone, but I might make my human be a little more picky. Also, I love Sten. I really need to talk to him more. It’s a huge game, and I love wandering about and fiddling with things, talking to my party members for hours (really, I spent an hour buttering up Morrigan, Alistair and Leliana), and fighting tough, exciting battles. Oh, and as expected, the lore is deep, well-written, and very fun to read. I’ve read every one, from the religious songs and histories of the chantry to the constantly-updated history of my doomed noble house.

So, after reading this, I hope you get the sense of how big and varied this game is. All of that was just me rambling about what I like. I could have talked about a dozen other things (gifts, armor set bonuses, shape changing!), and lauded those things just as much. It’s a great game, and it has its faults, but it’s the best RPG I’ve played since Mass Effect, and it’s great in a way that is very different from Mass Effect.

Which reminds me. Here is an absolutely amazing set of videos from Mass Effect 2. Things to note: Garrus, I love you! The dialogue and cutscenes look even better this time, as do the character’s reactions and expressions. I can’t wait for this to drop!

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Impressions and Video Links: RPGs and Zero-G Space Shooters

Posted by deckard47 on November 2, 2009

There are a couple of thins I’d like to touch on here, but first, I’d like to direct you to this trailer for the zero-G space shooter Shattered Horizons, seen at RPS. It looks really interesting, but since I would have to have a Windows 7/Vista machine to run it, I won’t be playing it any time soon. I’d like to, but then I’d have to reinstall every single thing we have on our terabyte hard drive, and that would include 50 games or so. So no, not right now (I also don’t want to get in some BIOS slugging match with my computer and end up stuck in some DOS nega-hell).

I have been playing a sickly amount of Borderlands, and as people (like Simon) have said, it is poorly constructed in many ways. And yet I’m over 30 hours now, counting all characters. There’s just nothing beyond the loot and the shooting. It’s great, still, but they created a world that could have been so fun and interesting, and then they made it strangely sterile and immovable. I love the references to our man Jayne Cobb. In fact, there are a TON of pop culture references in there. But it’s a beautiful, super-fun wasteland, and nothing else. It won’t last long, but while it lasts, I’m having a great time.

The same goes for Torchlight. I love re-rolling, making new builds, and all of that stuff, and the game is beautiful and fun. But I can sense a creeping boredom. I’m not bored, not yet, but I can feel it waiting, waiting for some invisible trigger. Again, I’ll play it until I don’t want to. I’m glad to have two games that I love so much I play them despite the fact that they have no legs to stand on. When I think of the soon-to-be-released Dragon Age (midnight tonight, I hope?), I can’t possibly imagine I’ll have the same problem. In fact, I’ll have different problems, probably surrounding the game’s stability, look, and usability. But it will keep me going, all the way until the end. Ironic.

EDIT: So I said some stuff about Torchlight, but I really wanted to say more, something about its usability, simplicity, and lack of the old “too many features” syndrome. Luckily, I don’t have to! Nels Anderson says it first, well.

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Hype and Impressions: World Building in Dragon Age

Posted by deckard47 on October 30, 2009

My love for the soon-to-be-released Dragon Age has not gone undocumented on this blog. The same can be said for Mass Effect (although I’ll grant  you that the latter is perhaps a more well-founded love). I loved many things about Mass Effect, but the things I loved most and spent the most time with (as my housemate can attest to) were the copious log entries and encyclopedia entries. Bioware built an entire sci-fi world, using mostly familiar parts, that I still found convincing, vaguely foreign, and fun.

Of course, I’ve been anticipating much more of the same for Dragon Age. After all, these people built my beloved Baldur’s Gate, and although they came to a world already fully formed, it wouldn’t have been a fun, exciting world if they hadn’t wonderfully intermingled the game story and the IP itself. Dragon Age is getting great reviews, though people seem less than thrilled with the “dark” fantasy world Bioware has created. I can’t say I felt one way or the other about it, up until today. I’m fine with waring houses, backstabbing, inter-species intolerance, oppression, and magical intrigue and legislation. That all sounds rather exciting to me, but maybe I’m just easy that way.

My excitement level is no noticeably higher than it used to be. I decided I would visit the official Bioware Wiki for Dragon Age, which contains a lot of lore, backstory, and other cool stuff. I’m sure (I hope) that they’re saving the really in-depth stuff for the game, but it’s nice to read some descriptions and passages. I was especially taken with the character bios. Some are simple descriptive passages, but the one for Alistair is especially fun. It is done in the style of a recounting of certain events (Alistair’s recruitment into the Grey Wardens), as written by some sort of historian or record-keeper. Let me just say, this shit scratches my peculiar itch like no other. I’m not sure if it’s well-written, seeing as I’ve ingested enough fantasy nonsense over the years to become inured to its flaws (but not its charms, I’m happy to say), but I thought it was fun and interesting.

I suspect I’ll be spending the rest of the day there, reading up on people and places. I hope there are more fake historical passages like this. They really make the world seem more real, in a simple, uncomplicated way that I like. This is the kind of thing I think would be fun to do. I envy the writers at Bioware, spending their days writing and editing stuff like this. Obviously, that is where I need to end up. Now starts my dark campaign to convince people to hire me for such purposes despite a complete lack of professional fiction writing history!

PS: Borderlands has taken ahold of me, in an unhealthy, vicious way. I’ve played tens of hours of that game in the last 4 days. I wonder when it will release me.

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Dragon Age Creation!

Posted by deckard47 on October 14, 2009

Yes, I have just downloaded the character creator, and I plan on making several different characters, that way I have some good choices when I start the game in a month. I’m thinking mage, thief, fighter, of course, but I’m also thinking Dwarven Commoner (female), City Elf (female) and Woodland Elf (male). I’m such a huge dork. Join me!

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Back… But Not in the Saddle

Posted by deckard47 on June 10, 2009

And I’ve never even listened to that song.

As you have probably guessed, I’m willing to cut the people at Bioware a lot of slack. I played through those almost unplayable portions of Mass Effect, I pretended to enjoy the campaign from NWN when everyone else talked about how “good” it was, and I put up with the sillier parts of KotoR. I’ve made a heroic effort to see the good in all of the Dragon Age stuff they’ve been putting out. I don’t have to do this for Mass Effect 2, because everything they’ve put out for that game looks amazing. Sure, they may have not “coded in” the inverted controls (that’s what the EA rep told me, hilariously), but I had fun even as my inverted mind fought their inexplicably non-inverted demo. That game is badass, already. It’s not being released for another year and it loks better than Dragon Age.

I’d done a pretty good job of blocking out the bad parts of Dragon Age, including their juvenile “relationships.” Then I read this bit over at RPS, and it al came back to me. How puriently excited we were supposed to be about the hawt companions we could totally have sex with. How some people watching laughed derisively, some made weird, (apparently) masculine sounds of approbation, and some people like me made Lucky Jim faces and gave our peers sidelong looks. It was not a pleasant situation. He sums it up pretty damn perfectly:

Our hero – one of the Grey Wardens, the group to which players will belong in an effort to fight back against the Blight, and the evil Arch Demon bringing it about – has a present for a lady, Morrigan. It’s a magical book that she has been looking for. She’s going to be very pleased to receive it. Once it’s dragged from our inventory to hers, she responds with some of the most excruciatingly dreadful flirtation I’ve ever seen. The acting is very weak, my face screwed up as I wrote the word “AWFUL” on my pad in the dark. She’s dressed as you might imagine a girl would appear on the cover of a 1980s D&D book, wearing what appear to be a couple of straps of material, most of her breasts hanging out. We can respond to her elephantine attempts at flirting by suggesting we’re open to her ideas. Once we’ve ambiguously agreed to her advances a couple of times, it cuts to a glimpse of an awkward sex scene

I was there (at a different presentation, for me, not everyone laughed), and I still blocked out how BAD it was. And I totally didn’t recognize that the hundreds-of-years-old Witch was played by Kate Mulgrew. I lose points.

Still, the parts I played, the art I saw, the music I heard (not attached to the hideous presentation) were all cool. That’s not the right word. The felt right, proper, even. It felt like someone had sensed my silent, crotchety disaproval of these new RPGs and their three person party system, their lack of my beloved attributes, or perhaps the blasphemous minigames that took place in space and medieval China. Don’t even get me started on this fast travel you all love so much, or your damn lockpicking minigames.

I love all of the RPGs I play (including those that I just made not-so-subtle fun of), more than I should, I expect. But it’s been a while since a game really telegraphed its understanding of my desire for a specific kind of fiddly, archaic role playing. This is what the title screen (and title music), character creation, origin story cutscene, combat, and early dialogue did for me. I know this sounds weird, but I can’t say if the combat will really hold up in the end. I honestly think that the console solution for Dragon Age is inelegant, out of place, and unpleasant to watch or play. If you want to give me lots of abilities, 4 PCs, and tactical situations, don’t make me zoom into the character’s ass and switch control every time I want to carry out a carefully planned attack. It’s the least pleasant way I can think of playing an RPG. It works in Mass Effect because I play one guy. If you made me switch to Ashley every 5 seconds (and believe me, I would, her AI is bad enough), I’d stop playing your game.

Which is all to say that I (much like RPS’ John Walker) really want to like this game, and that I’ve only seen 10 minutes out of an 80 hour campaign. I will believe in this game until they drive it into the ground with Marilyn Manson and a prepubescent understanding of women (and men), sexuality, and human interaction. They’re not at that point yet (it’s pretty standard stuff, when compared to a lot of games. Better, even. That’s so sad, that I could write that and mean it), but they’re shuffling closer every day.

That’s it, no more writing about the tiny bits I played at E3. I’ll wait to pour my heart out again for the tiny bits I get to play at Comic-Con NY!

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I Take it All Back

Posted by deckard47 on June 4, 2009

Well, part of it. I just came back from spending 30 minutes on Dragon Age and Mass Effect each. Weirdly (although not surprisingly, considering how long they’ve each been in development and when they’re both being released), Dragon Age was much more polished, and much more fun. Let me tell you (although others have already done this), this is Baldur’s Gate 3. Screw that Manson Hardcore shit. I owe Marc Laidlaw some kind of apology I suppose, across the vast, meaningless media wasteland of the Internet. He’s been asked to sell a sweet game using childish tricks and tools. I don’t envy him one bit, although when I think about the fact that he’s working on Dragon Age, I kind of do envy him. More later, back to the salt mines. Salt mines made of Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Among Thieves a multiplayer, that is!

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Posted by deckard47 on May 26, 2009

Is that how I’m supposed to write it? Regardless of humorous capitalization jokes at Sucker Punch’s expense, I will be driving to the Best Buy in North Haven (beautiful beautiful North Haven) to pick up my preordered copy of Infamous. Apprently, not only do I get the Among Thieves MP beta (I do right? I sure better), I also get shock blades or something. Eh.

I’m not sure how I feel about this preorder bonus stuff when it’s developer/publisher oriented. I mean, I’m used to EBX or Gamestop or whatever offering me free watermelon with my preorder of Deus Ex 2 (the day I picked that game up, and every day since that day have been a harrowing, bleached wasteland of a “life”), but what I’m not used to is the game companies themselves offering me weird dongles attached to their games. I’m thinking of Bioware’s offer to give you special rings and amulets with a preorder of Dragon Age. Don’t get me wrong, I will be on that game like a really jittery 2 AM cat when it comes out, but I do’t need their silly preorder offers. I’m with them. Honestly, do they think that the unfaithful really care about special rings? It seems like an ineffectual way of drumming up preorder support. The real question is, will they be Steaming it? I would be torn, seeing as I’ve always been a physical purchaser of Bioware products, out of my allegiance to their delicate Canadian flavors. Oh, and if you’re interested, the Dragon Age site has some (as always) awesomely detailed and D&D-ish intros for two of the NPCs from Dragon Age. We have Sten, and Alistair. Suddenly I’m worried about this Alistair guy:

Alistair is irreverent at the best of times, and his wry sense of humor often put him at odds with his more serious-minded teachers.

I smell a Kaiden Alenko voice actor part, maybe. No! Resist Bioware! Make the Alenko voice actor (Raphael Sbarge, who I’m sure is a nice guy) be an evil character. He is always so… huskily earnest. It’s like he’s rubbing you with his goodness, every time he opens his silly mouth. Blech.

This just reminds me that I started Jade Empire (again, on the new comp) last night. As always, I’m slightly befuddled by its combat, setting, and tone. It feels like Bioware, but not. Maybe this is Mirror Universe Bioware! Where are evil Bashir and evil Dax! Why doesn’t everyone have beards or at least stubble? They’re my favorites! I have time to consider the conundrum, I suppose, since Dragon Age won’t be coming out for ages and ages. For now, let me think of an ugly,  head-shaven and faux beard-headed white man using electricity to ride electric lines. Oh, and let me think of Nathan Fillion in the opening of Jade Empire. Still weirds me out. He sounds so mean. Mean and young. Like me!

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Random Updates (meaning Dragon Age and Heavy Rain)

Posted by deckard47 on May 19, 2009

I’ve nothing terribly exciting to talk about today, except a list of stuff I thought was interesting. Now, to the linking!

Sneaky Update: My Evochron Legends review is up at Gametopius… I liked this game, way more than I liked X3, for instance. This might make you ask me why I wrote about X3 in such a glowing/angry way over at GSW. The answer is I hadn’t gotten in to Evochron Legends yet and thus hadn’t seen the light. Evochron Legends is a really interesting, impressive game, and if you like space sims, try this one before you hit up its competitors. The BSG physics alone are cool to play with, but it’s also fun and easy (once you get over the mile-high learning curve at the beginning).

The Dragon Age site has a new video and screens up of the (apparently) important War Dog that will be eating you (or your enemies?) a lot. It looks scary and big, and makes me hope that you can have one in your party in some way (although that might be weird). Anyway, the video is cool and all, as are the pictures. They’re really serious about character models getting bloody. One of these dogs looks like it showered in blood. I am struck (again) by the fluidity of the animations in these videos. Not necessarily the facial work, but the bodily motion of people and animals. Neat.

1up is using all of this week to slowly dribble out information on Heavy Rain (which is now called Heavy Rain: Origami Killer, in a move I can only call “highly amusing”). That’s the next game after Farenheit (from French developer Quantic Dream), which looks all kinds of cool. Right now they only have an interview with the studio head up, but it looks like they’ll be releasing some actually cool stuff soon (character reveals, gameplay videos). Stay tuned, I suppose.

Nothing else new is occuring to me. Still plodding through Mass Effect, finishing up Plants vs. Zombies and Defense Grid: The Awakening. The last is peculiar in that it gets so hectic I’m not always sure why I win/survive. I have fun doing it though, which should be enough for me. I’m also trying to be nice to Dokapon Journey, but it’s trying my patience. Mostly it has to do with the fact that my success seems almost 60% luck-based, and because I only kind of enjoy playing it even when I’m winning. This is a board game-RPG, right? What’s wrong here?

Valve outdid itself, compelling me to play TF2 without actually having seen the new movie that’s such a big deal (I watched it eventually, it is indeed amusing), eagerly awaiting the updates for the Spy and the Sniper, my favorite “I’m not actually that great at them” classes.  Been playing a lot of TF2 as a result, and as always I play the Medic exclusively. He’s fun and no one else plays him! Oh, and I believe that Demon’s Souls will be shipping to me soon. Terribly excited for that one. There’s a new piece on it over at Bitmob, if you’re so inclined. I’m really looking forward to this, despite not having the time to play it. Thaks for being in the way, TF2.

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Update: Dragon Age + Thief 4

Posted by deckard47 on May 12, 2009

As you might suspect, this post is concerned with one of my favorite franchises and one of my favorite developer’s new games.

Dragon Age has a new trailer out, which has to be viewed on two levels. The first is: what the hell is that song doing in there… It’s called “This is the new shit,” by Marilyn Manson, and it sounds like the new shit smeared all over a set of speakers. It’s awful, and a very unsuccessful attempt by PR people at EA to make the game more “h4rdkore,” or something. I’d recommend watching it sans sound, but there is some dialogue in there, so maybe you’re willing to sit through it. Here it is, ready to scar your eardrums:

Now, I’d like to address the fact that this trailer reveals a few things: people will be really mean to each other and stab each other in-cutscene in this game, which seems George R. R. Martin-esque to me. People will be very bloody, as well. Finally, people will have creepy-looking sex. That’s all well and weird, but I’m excited by how smooth the animation looks. I’m not alone in thinking that this is where cutscenes (that are in-engine) need to go? The battle scenes look chaotic, yet the actors all look like they have a sense of weight and heft as they stab each other. This isn’t like watching Neverwinter Nights 2 or Fallout 3‘s battle animations and snickering. These characters look amazingly good, in that weird Bioware way. I know it’s all scripted, but think how the scripted in-game animations for most games look…

Anyway, I’m hopeful, especially if Bioware manages to escape from the Xtreme Hardcore hole they and EA are digging for themselves. Time will tell. There’s an interview here with Mike Laidlaw, the game’s lead designer. Some of it sounds cool, and some of it worries me. This gives me hope for the game’s PC-ness, if you’ll allow me that almost meaningless word:

But you can tune right in, and set it so that – say – if my elf is less than this percentage health, I want you to do the following things… When we give that level of control, you can take some of the micromanagement away so you don’t have to flip between them all, all the time.

I like the sound of that. But oh no, I speak too soon:

The nice thing is that it’s all player-driven, when you think about it. Is there sex in the game? Sure… it supports the concept. That’s why I talk about lust. It’s more about sexuality than just sex. Because otherwise that’s childish. But it’s really based on the player’s experience. And some of your party really are quite cute and flirtatious. If you go I-am-not-interested-in-talking-to-you-I-have-a-dragon-to-kill, then that’s cool. That’s your game. But I want to make sure it reacts to that. That they react to that.

Um, I guess I like the fact that you can avoid sex, but I’ll wait and see if it actually is about sexuality. And that’s assuming that will be a good thing anyway. Plus won’t it be weird to have your perpetually silent hero having sex with a talking person?

Ok, I apologize for this, but there’s also two write-ups of the new level that was demoed for press recently. Joystiq’s is pretty basic, and talks about how the game was fun/difficult. 1up’s is really fucking exciting. They talk about how the game will have spells and counterspells (think Cloudkill v. Zone of Clean Air, Globe of Protection v. Breach, and protection from Physical v. Magic Missile from BG 2. Yeah, I just went there), and spell combinations. That’s two dissimilar spells when cast together unlock a new, combined, badass spell (for people like me who don’t know what it means). They talked about the pause feature, the ease of control within combat, and the tactical nature of the fights. It sounds sweet:

Of course, when a BioWare employee who tests this very encounter for hours and hours on end is showing off his skills, the battle looks easy. The demo-er played in real-time for the whole encounter — never pausing at all. He switched rapidly between the four party members, and used a combination of hotkeys and tactical scripting (where you create a set of rules for each party member to follow when not being directly controlled by you) to tear through the encounter.

I want to be that person!

Oh, and Thief 4 (to be spelled Thi4f, wonderfully) was announced, to no surprise. I’m excited, but if this game delays my rabid consumption of Deus Ex 3, I will go to their studios and make mean faces at them. I guess that’s enough for now? I feel some kind of “series” coming on, perhaps a long, windy, discussion of why I love Clear Sky so much, piece by piece. If it happens, I apologize in advance.

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Dragon Age, All 6 Origins Revealed

Posted by deckard47 on February 12, 2009

Stop reading. Now. Go there, use their sweet Flash interface to check out the rocking six origins and (yes!) check out tons of origin-specific screens. An they’ll have origin-specific videos up soon! Holy shit. I’m so being a Dwarf Commoner. The most awesome one ever. Can’t talk, must go read more.

EDIT: Read all of them, they rock, that is some George R. R. Martin sht for real. I am so excited right now. Why does it have to be so far away?

Further edit: The writing for the descriptions is pretty good. I keep on stopping every sentence, realizing I just read something articulate and complete, and am amazed. It’s sad when a good command of the language shocks me in promotional materials. Go Bioware.

– Ok, there are some typos, but they’re well-written typos!

Whoah. The regular site has a TON of new stuff, from bios to shots, to creature info. The screens are from a “trailer” I’ve never seen. Where is it! I want this game so very much. This is completely unfair. I would sell my soul for this game, and it’s months away.

Okay, they have an entry on why dogs are so important to the world. Aaaaaah! I wants it! Oh, and there will be a new trailer up over at Gamespot tonight. I cannot wait.

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Dragon Age, Over and Over

Posted by deckard47 on February 8, 2009

I’ve been remiss in not posting this, so here it is. There are a whole lot of Dragon Age videos from Comic Con, and these first two are of a new section ( I don’t think we’ve seen t before), where the mage hero and her cohorts attack a bunch of dark guys (who I know aren’t called “Morlocks,” but “Genlocks” is so close…), and eventually some mini-siege engines. That’s what the first two are of, and they spend most of their time in the game’s Mass Effect-ish camera mode, where characters can be controlled directly or put on auto-pilot (like ME or KotoR). I just realized that Mass Effect abbreviated spells me! Weird. Anyway, at the end of the videos they switch to the good old NWN/Baldur’s Gate 2 vision, which is good to see. I’m hoping that this will be runnable by whatever crap computer I have then, because it looks amazing. I really don’t want to break down and get the console version, we saw what happened with their last effort on a non-PC platform. There’s two other videos up there, one that shows the big battle cutscene (after you’ve lit the signal fire post-ogre killing), and a higher res version of the siege weapon assault that the first two videos show. In this last one, it seems like a non-Bioware person is playing. Instead of doing everything slowly, they switch between PCs at will, pausing as soon as enemies die, making sure everyone is doing their job. Good times. Looks like this might actually be “spiritually” related to BG after all. Excellent.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Dragon Age Delayed!

Posted by deckard47 on February 4, 2009

Crap. This is super annoying, although apparently Mass Effect 2 will be coming out in 2010. Cool. Also, I’m sure that Bioware will make the game more kickass in the next half year. I will tell myself that, over and over.

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Waiting for The Prince

Posted by deckard47 on December 5, 2008

So here I am, waiting for the mail to arrive. And waiting for work to start (I have to leave the house by 1pm). Awful. I’m hoping that Prince of Persia will arrive, because I’m extremely excited by its look and story, despite the fact that it is being hailed as “easy” by just abut everybody. To be honest, I guess I don’t really care. As a person who loathed the peculiar difficulty of Two Thrones (remeber how if you fucked up that first lightning stealth kill you would have a 2o minute fight on your hands? That was always me!), I welcome a game that lets me flow through it, experiencing its story and feel without being caught up on not being good enough. I thought Mirror’s Edge would be that way, and it was full of moments that stopped me and threw me out of the flow. I keep on thinking of Half Life 2, a game that very rarely made me unhappy due to its difficulty. I can count on one hand the number of times I had to replay a certain part of that game more than once or twice, and as a result it was a very smooth, natural, unhindered experience for me (and you can play HL2 on some hard-ass difficulties, by the way). Why can’t this be a thing that we enjoy as gamers? I like a challenge, but I also like my fun to come from somewhere not challenge-oriented.

Anyway. I also just watched this cool trailer for Dragon Age: Origins, which shows off how certain characters may treat you differently due to your character’s origin (race, profession, etc.). It’s pretty cool, its up over at Gamespot, of all places, and it makes me want this game again. I mean, if this (and by this I mean other elves comiserate with you and help you and humans act mistreat and derride you) kind of thing happens because you’re an elf mage, then think of the many different possibilities the other races and classes will provide. It’s enough to make the wait till next year seem even longer than it’s going to be. Oh, and WordPress doesn’t recognize “mage” as a word. Silly WordPress.

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