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Bioshock 2

Posted by deckard47 on March 13, 2009

Check this out, straight from Kotaku, to you (through me)!:

You play as a Big Daddy.

In fact, you’re the first of the lot, a so-called “renegade” Big Daddy who’s on the hunt for a Little Sister of his own, according to a tipster who has the new Game Informer magazine in hand. You’ll take out rival Daddies with your huge hand-drill and plasmid powers, claiming their wee sidekicks as your own. Similar to the first BioShock, you can choose to either harvest your Little Sister prize for ADAM or you can adopt her as your own.

That Little Sister comes in handy. She’ll harvest ADAM from corpses strewn about Rapture, acting as a warning sign for when the Big Sister—the lithe, lightning fast enemy who will hunt your character throughout the game—has you in her sights. Based on her description, it sounds like she’ll be one hell of a fight.

That actually sounds really sweet. I would say that I should have kept my mouth shut about whether it was going to be good or not, but I don’t remember passing judgement on it (out loud that is). So this just serves me right for secretly thinking it would be bad. Looking forward to more news of this.


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