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Impressions: I am a Poacher of Werewolves

Posted by deckard47 on November 12, 2009

So I just finished the Dalish Elf quarter of the main quest. It was tough, but thanks to my newly acquired Arcande Warrior specialty, I made it past Dragons, the undead, and a ton of werewolves. Being me (and my elven mage being a nice lady), I saved the elves and the werewolves. It was a nice quest, even it if it was a little Star Trek-y (oh wait, both sides have different stories… Who is right?), and I’m looking forward to going back in there and getting the rest of my new armor set. I’m tired and it is late, so I won’t write anything else here. I wish I had more to say, but I feel funny writing about it when I’m only 1/4 (at the most) of the way through the game. Unlike the blazingly fast Simon, I don’t have what it takes to blow through this game (as my multiple characters show). Some people live for loot in RPGs. I live for different narrative arcs. Suddenly, right now, I really want to play as a Dalish Warrior archer and see how the Dalish quest plays out. As that young man, I would kill the werewolves quickly a viciously, I think.

On the other hand, when I get there as my charismatic young thief, I know she’ll side with the werewolves. This is the kind of thing that eats away at my life. I thought I’d escaped, allowing for this kind of unpleasant obsession every year or so with a run-through of Baldur’s Gate 2. How quickly I slip back into my old way. I actually have to get some work done soon, but I hope to finish the next hub (the Circle of Magi, so I can see my old friends and enemies) by the week’s end. I really must sleep now, so this is goodbye. Good luck with the dragons, and with Modern Warfare 2, if that is your thing (I’ll be trying out a PS3 version of it soon. Anyone have it for PS3 and want to play some MP?).


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