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Non-Gaming Related: Flash Forward Public Service Announcement

Posted by deckard47 on November 2, 2009

This is going to be brief, because it has nothing to do with games.

To the people making and writing Flash Forward: what is it with the Joseph Fiennes. You know, I know he has been in, like, stuff (I’m a fan of the relatively recent The Escapist, where he has a nice part), and he was in Goodbye Bafana, where I assume he was riveting, but he isn’t a big name. I know he was in Shakespeare in Love about a zillion overrated years ago.

Now, John Cho. He’s a big name. I mean, he may have been in smaller indie stuff for a while, but he’s fucking Sulu now. He has a retractable space sword. He plays an interesting character in the show, and while he is often Super Angry and Tough, it’s in a way I can get behind. I’m sure the reason his Demetri is the secondary male lead is because, you know, when he pouts about the future, he does it from the societally unforgivable position of being Asian American. Because why else would you make your lead a boring guy, played by an actor who couldn’t make the role mean shit even if he wanted to, and relegate your popular, young leading man to the important, yet still second-banana status?

Joseph Fiennes’ “Mark,” though. He pouts a lot, and he does it with a Genuine White face. He hangs around in one of his Standard Issue Off-Duty/On-Duty FBI Vaguely Tight Shirts/Sweaters and worries about shit, while his friends all attempt to ignore his hair. He is incredibly unconvincing and boring. Remember that scene where he’s all “In my Flashforward, I saw a bunch of stuff, and I was drinking?” I don’t. I don’t because it was an excruciating 20 minute scene where he convinces everyone to follow his advice in a really unconvincing way. I wouldn’t believe him.

ABC (that’s the right network, right?). Kill Mark, and make John Cho the main guy. We’ll all thank you. Or just get Mark stuck in an alternate dimension, or a coma, or have him fall into a distortion in the space-time continuum. We’ll all get behind it. Mark can be the voice of the week that tells us what moral/practical lessons the leads learned/didn’t learn. He’ll be an absent Sci-Fi Zach Braff. Do it.

Too long. Fail!


4 Responses to “Non-Gaming Related: Flash Forward Public Service Announcement”

  1. Anonymous said

    So true!

  2. MaryC said

    100% spot on. This white girl (for whatever that’s worth) completely seconds the call to make John Cho the main guy. He is completely the hottest guy on the show and needs more scenes in bed with his fiance ASAP.

    Having said that, in some ways, I feel sorta bad for Joseph Fiennes, because I think he got stuck the worst character of the bunch. The dude is a lying, unfunny jerk to his wife and coworkers. I’m not sure even John Cho could sell me on that.

  3. Eleniel said

    I have never watched this show, but I love this post. LOL! John Cho is awesome.

  4. Andrews said

    Fucking testify. If ABC wants to save this show, they’ll make the Choverlord the main character and do it fast.

    For all the reasons you listed but also because he is spectacularly delicious.

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