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Impressions and Video Links: RPGs and Zero-G Space Shooters

Posted by deckard47 on November 2, 2009

There are a couple of thins I’d like to touch on here, but first, I’d like to direct you to this trailer for the zero-G space shooter Shattered Horizons, seen at RPS. It looks really interesting, but since I would have to have a Windows 7/Vista machine to run it, I won’t be playing it any time soon. I’d like to, but then I’d have to reinstall every single thing we have on our terabyte hard drive, and that would include 50 games or so. So no, not right now (I also don’t want to get in some BIOS slugging match with my computer and end up stuck in some DOS nega-hell).

I have been playing a sickly amount of Borderlands, and as people (like Simon) have said, it is poorly constructed in many ways. And yet I’m over 30 hours now, counting all characters. There’s just nothing beyond the loot and the shooting. It’s great, still, but they created a world that could have been so fun and interesting, and then they made it strangely sterile and immovable. I love the references to our man Jayne Cobb. In fact, there are a TON of pop culture references in there. But it’s a beautiful, super-fun wasteland, and nothing else. It won’t last long, but while it lasts, I’m having a great time.

The same goes for Torchlight. I love re-rolling, making new builds, and all of that stuff, and the game is beautiful and fun. But I can sense a creeping boredom. I’m not bored, not yet, but I can feel it waiting, waiting for some invisible trigger. Again, I’ll play it until I don’t want to. I’m glad to have two games that I love so much I play them despite the fact that they have no legs to stand on. When I think of the soon-to-be-released Dragon Age (midnight tonight, I hope?), I can’t possibly imagine I’ll have the same problem. In fact, I’ll have different problems, probably surrounding the game’s stability, look, and usability. But it will keep me going, all the way until the end. Ironic.

EDIT: So I said some stuff about Torchlight, but I really wanted to say more, something about its usability, simplicity, and lack of the old “too many features” syndrome. Luckily, I don’t have to! Nels Anderson says it first, well.


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