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Dragon Age Creation!

Posted by deckard47 on October 14, 2009

Yes, I have just downloaded the character creator, and I plan on making several different characters, that way I have some good choices when I start the game in a month. I’m thinking mage, thief, fighter, of course, but I’m also thinking Dwarven Commoner (female), City Elf (female) and Woodland Elf (male). I’m such a huge dork. Join me!


One Response to “Dragon Age Creation!”

  1. Sam said

    Okay, I already made 6, one for each origin story, and I’m by no means set on all of my facial feature decisions. (I spent about ten minutes picking my female elf-mage’s hair out–as Tycho points out on PA, it’s an /important/choice.)

    Also, I think we picked the same elf/dwarf profiles. (And male fighter for dwarven noble.) But for mage? Female elf. My human noble male /is/ a thief (and looks like Beckham/that guy in my department) which I think is sweet.

    How will I wait? And Borderlands, hell. Link me to the tech trees when you have a moment.

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