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I Shouldn't Be Gaming Right Now… But I Am!

Elena is Back!

Posted by deckard47 on October 13, 2009

I was planning on posting about this after the first hour, and after the second hour. We’re on hour 7 now. This will not be much of a post at all. I need to get a minimum of work done so that my coworkers don’t get angry at me, and then I need to play more of this game. It is absolutely amazing. I may be able to think of bad things to say, if I look very carefully, but I’m not stupid enough to look for them now. Now it is time to sit back and play the smoothest, most beautiful, most well-written action game I have ever played. Nothing else compares. I suspect I may have to play multiplayer, just to keep myself from binging on The Drake. It’s an incredibly tempting, exciting offering, and it shows you just how solid the movement and fighting mechanics are. Off I go.

Oh, and the look has changed a bit. Thought I’d see how it looked this way. It will fluctuate, I assume. Also, there are tons of new articles up in the articles section, if that’s your thing. It should really be your thing. I’ve also linked to a cool blog, Binary Swan. Check it out.

Oh, and Elena’s back! Again!


One Response to “Elena is Back!”

  1. Brinstar said

    Elena is so cool! This was such an awesome game!

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