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Among Thieving Demon’s Souls

Posted by deckard47 on October 7, 2009

Yes, that title makes no sense, but it does combine my two favorite distractions (Dead Space and PoP have taken a momentary backseat. Did I ever say I was fickle?) these days. Simon just picked up Demon’s Souls, and is, of course, way the hell ahead of me already. Apparently his super awesome Royal starts out with a wand (I think I started and scrapped a Royal build back in the beginning). Bully for him. He can help me kill the giant knight. Except maybe he can’t. The Wiki says that Asian import and US versions won’t work, unless their servers are updated to the same version…. I think. So we might not be able to play. Which would really piss me off. Hey people reading. Any of you work for a site (that I don’t already work for) that needs the US Demon’s Souls reviewed? I will do it. So fast.

Next up, the Among Thieves multiplayer demo finished downloading last night. I dig it a lot. Movement-wise, it feels just as right as the first one did. The same goes for gunplay, although I’m still getting used to how this game punishes you for going full auto. It’s all about the controlled bursts, as the deadly people online show me, over and over. I think this may be new (as in, it’s only in Among Thieves), but I love the way people leap. They go all spread-eagled, like flying squirrels. It really sells how much they are throwing themselves into the jump. And by that, I mean it sells how Drake throws himself int oeverything. Because the reason all of these animations look so amazing is because they’re based on Drake’s animations.

The two maps I’ve played (Temple and Ice Cave) are excellent, as are the weapons. I’m still getting the hang of melee. Often, another character and I will somehow manage to punch each other to death simultaneously. Not ideal. I’m sure I’ll play a lot of it tonight, when I’m not hoping against hope that Demon’s Souls will let me play with you American types. Also, I hope any of you with PS3s (who are planning on picking up either of these games) message me your user names. It would be awesome to get some 3 player Demon’s Souls or co-op/adversarial matches of Among Thieves going.

At this rate I’ll never do that PoP post. I bet you’re all so sorry.


One Response to “Among Thieving Demon’s Souls”

  1. Brendan said

    The EDGE review of Demon’s Soul (they gave it 9/10) sounded intruiging, especially the supposedly unforgiving difficulty and need to really practise a stage before you pass it…that and the sentence stating it has more in common giwth Geometry Wars than Lord of the Rings. Apart from your blog and your twitter and the EDGE review, I had never heard of this game, though. I shall have to look into it once I can afford more games and am not playing everything I am currently playing.

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