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Simon Saves you From Elika and the Prince

Posted by deckard47 on October 6, 2009

So this was going to be another post about Prince of Persia, Elika, dialogue, and exploring the game story as opposed to exploring the game world. But, luckily for you, Simon is here to save you (and here I am, without any good car jokes).

To make a long story (that is in fact short) short, Simon Ferrari, the purveyor of Chunking Espresso and News Games delights, is now an Associate Editor at Sleeper Hit. This is awesome for Simon, because he’ll be reviewing totally sweet games and writing about them, so we all win. It’s good for me, because I get to work with him. This may actually force me to inject a degree of professionalism and restraint into my writing (out of sheer embarrassment) , which I think we can all agree might be a good thing. Until it goes too far and I turn into a cruel, precise writing machine, that is.

In almost as awesome news, Simon called me a narratologist. I’m pretty sure that’s partly a code word for badass. To punish him for this slight, I’m going to make my next post about narrative and PoP (although it was already going to be that, so…), and nothing else. I promise you, strangely loyal readers, the PoP onslought will end soon. Probably with the arrival of Among Thieves, actually.

On a completely unrelated note, what versions of Borderlands will you all be getting? Are you all going the 360 route? It would be really sad if I picked up the PC version and had to play with random assholes on the internet.


2 Responses to “Simon Saves you From Elika and the Prince”

  1. deckard47 said

    Well, at the very least you’ll be able to play with me (=sam), since I just bought it to celebrate. You know what I mean.

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