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Reboot, Please

Posted by deckard47 on September 13, 2009

I was talking about Lara, Tomb Raider, and other super exciting things with Simon, and he mentioned something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately (thanks to a Sleeper Hit bit I’m doing): what is a reboot, and more importantly, what are the ramifications for characters, writing, and narrative in games when they get rebooted (here I really owe Simon a shout out, since he was also helpful when it came to fiddling with my latest GSW article)?

So what happens? What happens to how the story is told, how the character is made, introduced, and handled? We can all marvel at how reboots fiddle with the gameplay formula, or the graphics, but, let’s be honest, those things happen every few years with games. It’s just a bit more interesting to look at how reboots aid and hinder the development of new narratives and characters, of new ways of looking at a familiar hero (or of making a familiar cast and setting unfamiliar, through writing and presentation, and art).

Busy right now, so I can’t really pursue this in a concentrated manner. Soon, I think. Oh, and I’ve reached Lara’s Manor/Crypt in Underworld. I can’t say it’s very exciting so far.


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