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Full of Anger

Posted by deckard47 on September 8, 2009

This post was going to be about a couple of things: Race to the Galaxy being awesome, Demon’s Souls swallowing every second of my free time, and how Jack White and Nick Cave should get together and do an album. It will still be about those things, eventually. For now, it’s going to be about this:

My apartment (and the apartments in the same building) have basically no power. We have two outlets that work. Right now we’re waiting for the entire house to fucking explode, thanks to two laptops, the router, the fridge, and a desktop/monitor all being plugged in to a bunch of daisy-chained power strips. Why is this happening? Because when this shit broke, our land lady was on fucking vacation, as was her favorite electrician. I’m sure it’s hard to find people who fix eectric shit on and around labor day. But my fucking apartment isn’t on vacation. It’s here, powerless (haha), as am I. As always, it’s strange to realize that most of my “work” necessitates enough power to run the systems and the desktop. Hell.

Honestly, there isn’t much to say about Nick Cave, Jack White, and Race to the Galaxy. Owen and I just realized what a great collaboration the former two could produce, and as electricity becomes a distant memory, Race takes center-stage among our daily activities. There’s some horribly stupid, pedantic message, something mildly ironic, in my sudden inability to get my work done for the various sites I owe writing (an playing) to. But honestly if a person said that to me, I’d have to fucking punch them. Onward.

Demon’s Souls is absolutely amazing. I’ve only just now beaten the first boss (1-1), and am moving on to fight number two. I’m learning all of the quirks of the game (there are way too many), getting basic combat nailed down, and a lot of other extraneous stuff. I’m still moving my way through the early stages of the game, but I expect to have way cooler stuff and (I suppose) kill cooler demons soon. Until then.

P.S. Power back on!


5 Responses to “Full of Anger”

  1. Brendan said

    Jack White and Nick Cave! Genius!

  2. Man, are you playing Demon’s Souls in Japanese or did you get some super cool reviewer advance copy? I want to play the shit out of that! I think you were the first person to call my attention to it like half a year ago. It sounds absolutely batshit insane perfect from all the tiny bits of reading I find on it.

    • deckard47 said

      No, I’m still playing my Korean import… Which, btw, has full English (in-game) text, and full English voice-work. You have to pay Play-Asia $60 for it, but if they’re still offering it, you can get it there. Just make sure you get the non-Japanese version, and make sure it has English listed in the properties. Otherwise you’ll be a bit confused.

      • I always forget the PS3 is region-free. That concept is so foreign to me, since when I was a film student I had to buy a special haxxored DVD player to watch Korean and Japanese DVDs. I guess my backlog is large enough that I can wait for the English release though. BTW, I finally bought the Witcher, but my computer can’t handle it. Sounds like I know what I’m buying myself for Christmas!

    • deckard47 said

      Yeah, the Witcher is a motherfucker for computers. Mine runs it smoothly, but I just built this thing. And now, of course, you can’t just play the 360 version. Silly CD Projekt.

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