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Updates. Also, the Olyphant

Posted by deckard47 on August 10, 2009

A lot of little things to mention today, and one or two big things.

I’ll start by saying that I saw A Perfect Getaway yesterday. It was pretty good, both for a “genre film” (by the way, that’s  a silly fucking term), and for a murdery-thriller kind of movie. Everyone was good, except Milla Jojovich. I don’t know why she’s still in movies. I guess she was “hot” once (and that was pretty debatable), but now that she’s no longer new, people have to realize that she’s an incredibly inept and uninteresting actress. On the other hand, Timothy Olyphant was amazing, and proved once again that he is a really creepy dude. He just doesn’t move his upper body when he walks… He’s like a snake. Anyway, if you were planning on seeing some shit like GI Joe, Funny Peopl, or The Ugly Truth, this movie is about a hundred times better (and I haven’t seen most of those other movies!).

So, games. The Arkham  Asylum demo is indeed pretty slick, as most people have noticed. Of course, I don’t really care about Batman or his opponents (especially Rocksteady’s Harley Quinn. I’m sure she sells more copies of the game than would otherwise be possible, or something?), and the game’s “everyone is either a hulking muscle-bound monstrosity [I’m talking about Batman here] or a nurse/school girl/temptress” philosophy of character design is hilarious and annoying. Still, there’s cool combat, and leveling up. Those damn levels always get me! I need an some kind of tonic, or pill.

I’m finishing up the final Wallace and Gromit episode, and once again, Telltale has silenced me with their competent mediocrity. It’s just not that interesting, even less so than their Monkey Island game was. Ah, well. Things could be worse, I suppose. I could be playing a Wallace and Gromit platforming game in the spirit of Pitfall. That would actually be funny.

Of course, I have to return to Company of Heroes and Dawn of War II. In CoH I’m just now getting to the “Blood Road” SP mission (or whatever), and I failed miserably on my first try. As always with this game, it’s quite apparent what I’m doing wrong. The hard part (predictably) is how to fix that what. Right now, I’m not micro-managing my armor  enough, leading to slow attrition (unforgivable, when I have some amazing armor Commander skills that instantly replenish my tanks when they are destroyed).

Likewise, I’m still using my infantry poorly, throwing them into difficult situations that always end up going the Axis’ way. Really, I’m just playing sloppily. I know that certain situations require certain responses (an occupied house and mortar team combo is best dealt with by a tank assault on the house and a sniper for the mortar guys, for instance), but I’m often too lazy to martial the proper forces. Often, I’ll send in troops who are closest, not best for the job.

In multiplayer, I’ve explored all three of the command trees. The air drop infantry tree is by far the most user friendly. The armor tree is difficult to implement, and often leads to swift German MG rushes and Panzer blitzes, which always fell me.

Of course, amid all of these fuck-ups, I’m still discovering amazing strategies that are a lot of fun. It’s great (in the early and mid game), for instance, to plop a camouflaged sniper down near a pair of capture points.The enemy will mostly send infantry to take the points, and they never see my sniper coming. Likewise, there’s nothing like leaving a lone MG and AT crew on one side of a river to hold back the early tank/infantry assaults.

I’ve yet to play as anybody but the US, but I’ve also read that the British are made for turtling (smartly). Sounds like my kind of thing.

DoW II is starting to falter, with only 5 missions left before the finale. Mostly, this is because I’ve reached the level max for two of my characters. It’s sad, to realize that the real reason I’ve been playing is to level up; it’s not for the loot, and it’s certainly not for the story. Right now, CoH seems to have a more compelling campaign, simply because it makes you change your strategy from mission to mission, with different loadouts, enemies, and landscapes. Honestly, I’d be happy if both of these games got sequels, but I’d ask for CoH 2 first. Weird, huh?


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