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Impressions: The Real God of Waaaaaar

Posted by deckard47 on August 3, 2009

I know, I know, why can’t I leave poor little Kratos alone? Wait. I am the God of Waaar! Sorry. I got carried away. I’m just so excited.

Dawn of War 2 is fucking sweet. I know I’m just a bit late to this one, but I tried the demo out back in the day, realized that even at basement settings, my MBP couldn’t run it, and decided to wait until I had a system that could do it justice. Such a system now resides in my living room. Enter the Blood Ravens. It looks pretty damn good, although I don’t know how it stacks up against other big name RTSs. Then again, since the only other names out there as big as Relic are busy working on their super-sexy Starcraft sequel, I don’t honestly care. When you play this game, it’s almost comical how much Blizzard stole from Warhammer 40K. I’m not saying this to be mean. Everybody steals from everyone else in the land of video games. It makes generic fantasy novels look like the New fucking Wave. But, I mean… Tyranids and Eldar. Jeez, they seem familiar, don’t they?

Now that I’m done being snide, what do I think (besides the aforementioned sweetness) of this new Dawn of War? I think it’s the best RTS I’ve ever played, and that’s mostly because it’s barely an RTS. Instead of the average-RTS campaign offered in the original DoW, this game offers one shorter campaign where you play as several squads of Blood Ravens. Remember those annoying  in-building missions of Starcraft? It’s like those mixed with Diablo. You level up your squads (in, I must say, the most delicious leveling mechanic I’ve experienced this year), you pick up items (and sell them for XP!), kill guys for experience and listen to your grizzled veterans try to sound surprised when (oh no!) the Tyranids totally start ruining their shit. The story is absolutely standard, and the acting is just about right for it. No one’s winning any stars here, except for the writers, who manage to populate a game with grizzled marines while simultaneously not using the word “fuck” every 5 seconds. They must be using some kind of wicked magic over there at Relic.

You can only have 4 squads under your control at any time, but so far I have regular marines, my kickass melee commander (who I want to start over as a ranged character… I’m hopeless), some heavy weapons guys, snipers, jump jet guys, and a mech. The gang’s all here, although I guess I’m missing some of the actual tanks that were in the original, as well as some magical guys? I tried a multiplayer skirmish against an easy computer, and it owned me. I’m sure if I meet people online they will destroy me, so I’ll hold off on that as long as possible. I really need to stop, because once again I’m neglecting more official gaming activities. Oh well. I’m sure the campaign will end soon, and then I’ll actually have to learn how to play the real game, and stop turtling around the SP maps in my horrible skulking ways. Rough times.

Of course, this makes me want to go back and check out the games of theirs that I missed, especially the Company of Heroes games. I’m really interested to see what the midway point between the first Dawn of War and the second is, gameplay-wise. I’d be willing to bet that I would really like it, what with the upgrading and cover-finding and stuff, until it became apparent that I was playing a real RTS, and I quit in fear. I’ll probably try it anyway.

More on Dawn of War 2 soon, I expect, although I also want to learn how to play Race to the Galaxy. And Stone Age, which just arrived in its awesome box. Excellent.

PS: Steam lists GTA IV as an “adventure game.” Ha.


2 Responses to “Impressions: The Real God of Waaaaaar”

  1. moromete said

    The Commander is better used as a close up (maybe even jump jet using) character, with the Tactical Marines, Snipers and the Dreadnought you get later as fire support… other than that the campaign is not too long, but I found it replayable. Eagerly awaiting more dispatches from the world of Dawn of War II…

    • deckard47 said

      I’ve definitely been using him as a CQ jump jet kind of guy. There aren’t enough other melee characters to warrant using him as a ranged character, it seems. It’s pretty long so far (I think I sunk 10 hours into it this weekend, although that might be guessing a little high. I’m actually really curious about Company of Heroes now… Too bad that weekend deal just ended.

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