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Ghostbusters Wii Review

Posted by deckard47 on July 7, 2009

I know you’ve been waiting for it! Actually, I hope you haven’t been waiting that long, or that hard. Because the wait was not at all worth it. Follow this link to read me trying to be nice to Ghostbusters and failing miserably. A tasty morsel of the linked article lies below:

The rest of the game is perfectly passable. You’ll listen to the Ghostbusters trade banter and insults as they encounter their old nemeses, Gozor and Walter Peck. You’ll witness the rise of new, even more ghostly and deadly villains, and the ridiculous romantic antics of Venkman and  Dr. Ilyssa Selwyn. It’s all well and good when you aren’t playing, but even in the relatively well-written story scenes, there’s something missing. First off, there are lines of dialogue that were strangely cut from the Wii version. Watching the same cutscenes in the PC version reveals that the more expansive, graphically intensive cinematics on display house jokes, conversations, and bits of dialogue cut from the Wii version.

It’s too bad that these little snippets were cut, because they often leave certain jokes without the legs on which to stand, or throw plot developments at you with little warning or description. Furthermore, as in the PC version, the conversations are all oddly stilted. As opposed to cutscenes in games like Chronicles of Riddick or Dead Space, the characters all pause artificially between deliveries. It’s as if I’m playing Mass Effect, waiting for a human to choose Egon’s next line. Except I’m not, I’m playing a game with completely scripted cutscenes, and the characters sound flat and far-too-slow, especially when compared to the quick, uninhibited banter shown in the films.

I know, what you’re thinking (unless you’re thinking something else entirely, and are already angry that I’m lying to you about whatever that is). You’re thinking, “Tom, why don’t you ever like the games you review. Even the ones you think you’ll like?” The answer: I haven’t reviewed Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood yet. When that shit hits the Cross estates, all bets are off. Get ready.


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