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Wizards, Thieves, Pirates, and, of course, Eureka!

Posted by deckard47 on July 6, 2009

I’ve been attempting to blog recently, but The Gaming (and, thankfully, The Writing) keep on getting in the way. No longer! I’ve ben playing a whole lot of stuff (I’ve even managed to finish some games), and, as the final bit in the post title denotes, eagerly awaiting the re-emergence of Eureka upon our world. I’m not sure if you know, but Nathan Stark is (oh shit, spoiler, sorry) gone for good, banished to the land of True Blood (sweet!), and Ketel One vodka adds. We’ll try to forget about that last bit, it makes me sad. But (omg) this half of the season will focus on relationships! I’m so excited. I should probably have a post label that warns you all away from the posts that have nothing to do with gaming, and are just me getting excited about my favorite, awesome, clueless-white-guy-comedy-sci-fi-show.

Luckily for you, there are games, in my house, that I’ve been playing. What games, you might ask? Thanks to the villainous Steam, I now have the 2K complete pack. This means I just this weekend downloaded both Freedom Force titles, Sid Meier’s Pirates!, and, surprisingly, Prey (along with all of the X-com games… weird). I’ve been playing a lot fo the first two, and a bit of Prey as well. I don’t have much to say about the first two, other than this: they are both really fun, amazing games, with Pirates! being one of those “stay up til 3am” kinds of games. Good times.

Now, Prey. A very pretty game, I’m happy to say. Really, I’m surprised at how much I like these late-id Tech 4 engines. Riddick and Prey have now both done a lot to wipe my mind of those horrid Doom 3 days. It does things Doom 3 wishes it could have done, geometry and level design-wise (it also includes much more inventive colored lighting… I knew thisday would come). Obviously, it’s helped by the addition of portals to the mix, which add a very disorienting, surprise monster attack, otherworldly sense to things. I really liked it when a box tipped over, and a portal on one side of the box disgorged an angry bloody alien dog. So far, guns, enemies, and combat are all slightly above average. It’s not memorable, but it’s not bad at all. The main character (“Tommy,” or, as Wikipedia informs me, Domasi Tawodi), is Cherokee. The opening scene takes place in a bar, with him, his grandpa, his girlfriend Jen, and some white thugs hanging around making Pochahontas jokes. Oh, and I guess he’s a former US army officer? That makes things interesting…

In al honesty, it looks like once Tommy gets up onto the Evil Alien Sphere of Doom, things are going to stop being interesting and mostly become straight-up, Duke Nukem/Doom 3-style combat and “exploration.” Apparently Tommy’s ancestors (lead by his grandfather?) meet him regularly in the spirit world and give him powers. Not sure how it’s going to be handled, so I’ve no idea how far along the “not actually that caricatured” to “super-racist” scale it gets. My guess is, it can’t be that bad, otherwise somebody would have called it out back when the game was released (although I didn’t pay much attention to 360/fancy PC games news then, so who knows…). So far, it’s interesting to see a Native American hero (and all of the other characters, for that matter), one who isn’t a noble savage in a Western.

And then there’s this from Michael Greyeyes, the Plains Cree man who played Tommy: “The writers [at 3D Realms] were always open to my comments — which I freely offered — and took my notes seriously, in nearly all instances changing dialogue or thematic content.”

Oh, and Human Head, the people who made Prey, also made Rune, my all-time favorite 3rd person action Viking game. No really, I liked it when it came out, and spenta large portion (for a teenager) of my money on it. It looks lke the work on the planned sequel (Prey was a big hit for a new IP, I guess, selling at least 1 million units) might be done with, since Human Head was working in conjunction with, yes, 3D Realms. This would sadden me. Prey may be all about space mutants and weird goo guns, but it’s about those things in a refreshingly solid way. It’s the same feeling I get when I fire up an old UT engine game and see that inescapable, wonderful UI, with those shiny windows and resolutions options. It’s definitely worth the $3 dollars  I spent on it, that’s for sure. Plus my grenades are little crawling bug-aliens. Who doesn’t like that?

Oh, and the titular Wizards and Thieves of this post are from Trine. Which I will write about in another post. It is a lot of fun though. In case you were wondering. Stupid Prey distracted me. Never again!


2 Responses to “Wizards, Thieves, Pirates, and, of course, Eureka!”

  1. Sam said

    Fuck the fucking last level of Trine.

  2. carol said

    WTF. True Blood?? A vampire from Texas?? Hell to the no, goddamnit.

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