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Interview: Runic Games and Torchlight

Posted by deckard47 on July 2, 2009

So I recently did an interview with the people making the awesome looking (and playing, I went to their booth a lot at E3) action-RPG. Here’s a bit from the interview, you can hit up the link at the bottom to see the whole thing at Gametopius.

TC: Runic’s development team has some impressive credentials: you have people who worked on Diablo and people who worked at Flagship Studios on Mythos. You have a lot of experience with action-RPGs. What do you all bring with you from those various backgrounds that really makes Torchlight something interesting and different?

The entire Runic team was developing Mythos, and our leads created Fate and Diablo, so we are really lucky to have that background and be able to apply that expertise towards Torchlight. The more we play and work on games, the more features stand out to us that we love – like any fan, it’s easy to pinpoint exactly what makes a game really fun to play – interesting lore, satisfying combat, great loot, charming mini-games. Our history has really streamlined what we would list as ‘the best of the best’ when it comes to RPG,’s so that’s what we’re doing with Torchlight – making the game that we ourselves would buy and play!

TC: In the same vein, what was your goal in making Torchlight? What were you shooting for when you started out?

Probably one of the biggest goals in making Torchlight was to start fresh and do it right. Mythos was made using the Hellgate London engine, which was always a challenge just because the games were so different. This time, we get to make the game we want, from scratch. That means writing our own tools, designing brand new characters with art styles we all really enjoy, drawing on everything that we love and find addictive about RPG’s to make one kickass game.

Check out the whole thing right here.

In case you weren’t sure what exactly Torchlight is (you read my blog, right?), here’s some sweet screens, and a link to the amazingly in-depth fansite.


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