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News: A Moment for the Aliens, Please

Posted by deckard47 on July 1, 2009

So the Aliens RPG that Obsidian was making is dead. For real. By way of Kotaku, here’s a bit of art from the game. You can see more over at Kotaku (sorry!).

Big Alien

Big Alien

Now, I guess I’m among the few (according to the disparaging writer at Kotaku) who thinks that this could have been a good thing. I mean, even when Obsidian makes a game using someone else’s IP, they make their brand of RPG. Regardless of the trappings of Ripley’s world, I’m sure it would have been an interesting game (although the opportunities for conversations with enemies would have been reduced somewhat, right?). I guess a big, heavy alien like the one up there is a unpleasant for “purists?” I mean, I guess? I’m not sure what’s wrong with supposing that there are different kinds of aliens, all of the different kinds of extended fiction (yes, I’ve read all of the weird, not-great books out there) have done this kind of thing, from movies to books to games. How is the Predalien (who I hate, because I hate the Predators) cool well this isn’t?

Anyway, Obsidian is close to releasing Alpha Protocol, which I am expecting to be something. Sexist? Yes. Good? Possibly. Will I play it? Probably. I guess I just want them to finally get that game that lets them kick ass, because I’m not sure if it’s AP (although think that it is, so that’s something to think about?). I guess we’re in for a bit of a drought now, as summer sets in and people stop releasing things. Although, to be honest, I’m quite happy, still working my way through Dark Athena (I like it, I’ll admit), and awaiting the arrival of Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. It’s funny, but I think Bound in Blood is the first title I’ve been asked to review that I both think will be entertaining and that I really want to play. I mean, I know that the 15th Peggle game will be fun, but it’s not something I think about liking in a strong way, more in a mild kind of way. Of course, Bound in Blood may be awful, plenty of “greatgames are unpleasant to play and experience, so I guess I should temper my expectations.

Oh, and Kotaku named inFamous one of its best games of the first half of 2009. Bwahahaha. From the 2 hours I’ve played, Dark Athena is already miles ahead of it, in every department. Depressing.


2 Responses to “News: A Moment for the Aliens, Please”

  1. Sam said

    People are really, really stupid. I guess.

    • deckard47 said

      Well, especially now that from what I’ve personally seen of AvP3 (not what all of the sites are “previewing,” which is so many kinds of a lie) looks like shit… It’s depressing. I’m sure they saw the “Predator” part of the game, assumed that reviving a series that was good but not great, and are now banking on More Aliens = More money. I just know that Obsidian is going to close after AP only sells to people like me. I hate life and people.

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