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Posted by deckard47 on June 22, 2009

Red Faction remains atop the pile, fighting off the racist, homophobic Punch-Out, the increasingly unplayable inFAMOUS (more on this development later), and the shambling Cthulu. Ghostbusters has taken up a bit of time, but so far, I haven’t felt the need to play it beyond what my own contractual obligation dictates. Neither version (PC or Wii, yes, for you, I explore all possibilities) comes across as anything more than an interesting (presentation-wise) take on a movie that is near and dear to my heart, but whose gameplay is severely lacking. Strangely, some lines of dialogue have been cut from the Wii version (on closer inspection, they appear to have been parts of big-budget next-gen cutscenes, that the Wii couldn’t handle). This seems unwise to me. I mean, just throw the jokes and dialogue in right afterward, use some recycled footage of the Stay Puft man or something. Right now, there are jokes without beginings and jokes without punchlines… And the graphics on the PC do matter, it looks quite amazing, before you realize that it’s not a lot of fun. Sure, I’m trundling along with my unpleasant avatar (cartoony and believable in the Wii version, glassy-eyed, smarmy, replicant-y in the PC version), but I’m not excited by anything. It helps that Winston got stuck inside a room I had to be in (a laundromat), and wouldn’t open the door. I spent 5 minutes trying to jump into the room (over the half-a-foot window sill), before reloading the game (which takes a billion damn hours) to find the doors open. Bravo. Time will tell with both versions, I suppose.

Oh, and the acting is pretty good, although Bill Murray murmurs half of his lines, which is alright, because Egon, Wintson and Ray are much funnier so far. It feels just right, from sound effects to voice work to cutscenes. Too bad they forgot the game part.

I just picked up the jetpack in Red Faction single player. It’s not a total game changer, but it makes ludicrous exploration, strangely gravity-free chases, and surprise rocket attacks much more fun. It also makes me feel like I’m 7 years old, having just acquired some amazing new toy. I’m looking forward to finding all of the dongles and radio tags after I finish the campaign, and to playing a lot more of the multiplayer. It might be too early to say (Bioware is lurking on the horizon, with a questionable product), but is this the best game I’ll play this year? It’s better than anything I’ve played in a long time, since Prince of Persia even, if not better than that.


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