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Absolutely Shameless Me-Talk

Posted by deckard47 on June 12, 2009

The new Diamond in the Rough (that name seemed silly then, and it seems silly now, but what are you going to do) column is up at GameSetWatch. I really liked this one, it grew out a conversation Owen and I had about some articles we were both reading, and the games we were playing (and wish we were playing!). Here’s a bit of it, it’s all about plot, narrative, and games:

There’s a future for “emergent narratives” not just in story spaces and their ilk, but in further developments in narrative proper. Thus, I want to claim that “narrative” is and always will be distinct from the kind of storytelling that we will see in story spaces, and that the future that both narratives and story spaces have in gaming will allow exciting, “emergent” narrative forms in both categories, not just the more freeform, less scripted world of story spaces. I also think that there are crucial aspects of storytelling that can only be accomplished with the aid of narrative, and can’t with largely user-generated content from story spaces. But to make this claim, we need to more fully explore what’s meant by “emerging narrative” and “story space,” and get a better sense of what narrative really is, and how it differs from the first two.

I know. So exciting. As I said, this came out of thinking and talking about Steve Gaynor’s articles, some Clint Hocking discussions, Doug Church’s presentation, and other arguments happening here and there. Owen (at Bonaroo, the lucky asshole) tells me the new Edge has three articles about similar stuff, so I guess all around I’m in good company? Hope you all find it interesting (really, I hope you do, because there’s at least one more piece that’s going to follow this one).


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