Delayed Responsibility

I Shouldn't Be Gaming Right Now… But I Am!

I Take it All Back

Posted by deckard47 on June 4, 2009

Well, part of it. I just came back from spending 30 minutes on Dragon Age and Mass Effect each. Weirdly (although not surprisingly, considering how long they’ve each been in development and when they’re both being released), Dragon Age was much more polished, and much more fun. Let me tell you (although others have already done this), this is Baldur’s Gate 3. Screw that Manson Hardcore shit. I owe Marc Laidlaw some kind of apology I suppose, across the vast, meaningless media wasteland of the Internet. He’s been asked to sell a sweet game using childish tricks and tools. I don’t envy him one bit, although when I think about the fact that he’s working on Dragon Age, I kind of do envy him. More later, back to the salt mines. Salt mines made of Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Among Thieves a multiplayer, that is!


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