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I Shouldn't Be Gaming Right Now… But I Am!


Posted by deckard47 on May 26, 2009

Is that how I’m supposed to write it? Regardless of humorous capitalization jokes at Sucker Punch’s expense, I will be driving to the Best Buy in North Haven (beautiful beautiful North Haven) to pick up my preordered copy of Infamous. Apprently, not only do I get the Among Thieves MP beta (I do right? I sure better), I also get shock blades or something. Eh.

I’m not sure how I feel about this preorder bonus stuff when it’s developer/publisher oriented. I mean, I’m used to EBX or Gamestop or whatever offering me free watermelon with my preorder of Deus Ex 2 (the day I picked that game up, and every day since that day have been a harrowing, bleached wasteland of a “life”), but what I’m not used to is the game companies themselves offering me weird dongles attached to their games. I’m thinking of Bioware’s offer to give you special rings and amulets with a preorder of Dragon Age. Don’t get me wrong, I will be on that game like a really jittery 2 AM cat when it comes out, but I do’t need their silly preorder offers. I’m with them. Honestly, do they think that the unfaithful really care about special rings? It seems like an ineffectual way of drumming up preorder support. The real question is, will they be Steaming it? I would be torn, seeing as I’ve always been a physical purchaser of Bioware products, out of my allegiance to their delicate Canadian flavors. Oh, and if you’re interested, the Dragon Age site has some (as always) awesomely detailed and D&D-ish intros for two of the NPCs from Dragon Age. We have Sten, and Alistair. Suddenly I’m worried about this Alistair guy:

Alistair is irreverent at the best of times, and his wry sense of humor often put him at odds with his more serious-minded teachers.

I smell a Kaiden Alenko voice actor part, maybe. No! Resist Bioware! Make the Alenko voice actor (Raphael Sbarge, who I’m sure is a nice guy) be an evil character. He is always so… huskily earnest. It’s like he’s rubbing you with his goodness, every time he opens his silly mouth. Blech.

This just reminds me that I started Jade Empire (again, on the new comp) last night. As always, I’m slightly befuddled by its combat, setting, and tone. It feels like Bioware, but not. Maybe this is Mirror Universe Bioware! Where are evil Bashir and evil Dax! Why doesn’t everyone have beards or at least stubble? They’re my favorites! I have time to consider the conundrum, I suppose, since Dragon Age won’t be coming out for ages and ages. For now, let me think of an ugly,  head-shaven and faux beard-headed white man using electricity to ride electric lines. Oh, and let me think of Nathan Fillion in the opening of Jade Empire. Still weirds me out. He sounds so mean. Mean and young. Like me!


4 Responses to “INcoming”

  1. Yay I survived the blogroll re-design! I actually re-enlisted in the GameFly army so I could play Infamous. It smells way too much of Crackdown for me to make a purchase (Crackdown came with Halo 3 multiplayer demo and was an open-world superhero third-person actioner, as you know). This has also afforded me that opportunity to finally play Resident Evil 5, because renting the game allows me to maintain my Capcom boycott. Yay!

    • deckard47 said

      It’s funny you should say that, because I think my time with Gamefly is over, after I’ve used up my last 10 Gamefly bucks to keep or buy something. The damn PC has made me forget all about my consoles. I’m sure next Autumn will remind me again, but until then…

      You say reminds you so much of Crackdown, and in fact that’s what I’ve been thinking about recently. I loved that game (and can’t remember exactly what you thought about it, because my memory is bad), and think that Infamous looks just like Crackdown but with the parts I didn’t like thrown out or changed for the better (story, that damned announcer, weapons,acrobatics). Score one for the bad guys on picking up RE 5. I hope you have somebody to play Co-op with, because otherwise it is a strangely soulless experience (aside from it’s other “issues”), which is strange when compared to RE 4’s (for me) campy enjoyableness. Then again, if I went back and played RE 4 now, I might be dumbstruck with how bad it is, story and dialogue wise. Stranger things have happened.

      • I’m excited about playing Infamous, I just don’t know if it merits 60 bucks spent on a game with actual design innovations (I might be wrong though–if it’s worth more than one playthrough I’ll buy it). I liked Crackdown, except for some of its lame ethnic coding. I really loved the roof-jumping though, that was my favorite part. I think Prototype looks cooler than both, just from watching gameplay videos. Infamous is limited by what electricity can do, you know? Prototype has tons of crazy body horror things going on.

        I totally don’t have anyone to play RE5 with. I wonder what the heck I’ll do. Maybe I’ll see if anybody else has been waiting to play coop online. BTW, I did a 2-hour podcast with some Iris peeps, I’ll link it when it gets edited and posted by the C-D folks.

      • deckard47 said

        It’s (again) funny that you mention Prototype, because I look at that and I see a super dark hero being dark and having dark brooding adventures. Plus I like the electricity gimmick in Infamous so far. Although, the main character is a huge tool in Infamous. He’s as gravelly as Snake (except, weirdly, in the comic book cutscenes), and the writing is… less than stellar.

        I’ll await the podcast with interest, and wish you luck with RE 5. I’d play it with you, but I got fed up with it on my second run through (even though it was a co-op run).

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