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An Exciting Announcement

Posted by deckard47 on May 21, 2009

What is it! So after much consideration (I think it took about a minute of thinking), I have reached an agreement whereby another person (not me) will, from time to time, post on the blog. This person, whose identity will remain a secret (Owen, who I’ve spoken of), will contribute absolutely fascinating posts when he sees fit. If I like them, I will of course pretend that I wrote them, taking all of the credit for myself. Everybody wins.

I hesitate to write something about how this “won’t change the direction of the site,” for those of you who might be worried about such an eventuality. It seems silly, because the direction of the site has been and always shall be your friend whatever silly outrageously intelligent things come into my head. Let me assure those of you who might (suddenly!) be worried about this: the site’s direction will remain unchanged! It will just have a few more pointy-headed (make that any pointy headed) posts about games. He writes like me, only with less parentheses, and is my semi-willing editor, so you’re probably actually familiar with his “work” already.

This is not the point of this post! The point is that Delayed Responsibility is entering a new era, one that could most closely be described as the “Awesome” era, whereas the old era was the “Totally Sweet” era. It’s going to be a bit like this:

Or a bit more like this, if we’re being honest

What are those gentlemen doing? Not masquerading as WW2 pilots, sadly. Now I leave you with the most important question you’ll answer today. Who is who?


4 Responses to “An Exciting Announcement”

  1. Kitten Manimal said

    O’Brian is the man in the orange and Bashir is the man in the blue. EASY.

  2. Sam said

    I know which one I am.

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