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Random Updates (meaning Dragon Age and Heavy Rain)

Posted by deckard47 on May 19, 2009

I’ve nothing terribly exciting to talk about today, except a list of stuff I thought was interesting. Now, to the linking!

Sneaky Update: My Evochron Legends review is up at Gametopius… I liked this game, way more than I liked X3, for instance. This might make you ask me why I wrote about X3 in such a glowing/angry way over at GSW. The answer is I hadn’t gotten in to Evochron Legends yet and thus hadn’t seen the light. Evochron Legends is a really interesting, impressive game, and if you like space sims, try this one before you hit up its competitors. The BSG physics alone are cool to play with, but it’s also fun and easy (once you get over the mile-high learning curve at the beginning).

The Dragon Age site has a new video and screens up of the (apparently) important War Dog that will be eating you (or your enemies?) a lot. It looks scary and big, and makes me hope that you can have one in your party in some way (although that might be weird). Anyway, the video is cool and all, as are the pictures. They’re really serious about character models getting bloody. One of these dogs looks like it showered in blood. I am struck (again) by the fluidity of the animations in these videos. Not necessarily the facial work, but the bodily motion of people and animals. Neat.

1up is using all of this week to slowly dribble out information on Heavy Rain (which is now called Heavy Rain: Origami Killer, in a move I can only call “highly amusing”). That’s the next game after Farenheit (from French developer Quantic Dream), which looks all kinds of cool. Right now they only have an interview with the studio head up, but it looks like they’ll be releasing some actually cool stuff soon (character reveals, gameplay videos). Stay tuned, I suppose.

Nothing else new is occuring to me. Still plodding through Mass Effect, finishing up Plants vs. Zombies and Defense Grid: The Awakening. The last is peculiar in that it gets so hectic I’m not always sure why I win/survive. I have fun doing it though, which should be enough for me. I’m also trying to be nice to Dokapon Journey, but it’s trying my patience. Mostly it has to do with the fact that my success seems almost 60% luck-based, and because I only kind of enjoy playing it even when I’m winning. This is a board game-RPG, right? What’s wrong here?

Valve outdid itself, compelling me to play TF2 without actually having seen the new movie that’s such a big deal (I watched it eventually, it is indeed amusing), eagerly awaiting the updates for the Spy and the Sniper, my favorite “I’m not actually that great at them” classes.  Been playing a lot of TF2 as a result, and as always I play the Medic exclusively. He’s fun and no one else plays him! Oh, and I believe that Demon’s Souls will be shipping to me soon. Terribly excited for that one. There’s a new piece on it over at Bitmob, if you’re so inclined. I’m really looking forward to this, despite not having the time to play it. Thaks for being in the way, TF2.


3 Responses to “Random Updates (meaning Dragon Age and Heavy Rain)”

  1. Hadn’t really heard of Evochron; good review! From your comments at the end, definitely looks like something I’d try because I always wanted to get into a space MMO but didn’t have the time to commit to EVE.

    • deckard47 said

      If you’ve played EVE (and I dabbled for a few hours), it turns out to be less space flight sim and more space sim. It’s about space, not about being a badass pilot. It makes a big difference, because one is boring (if I wanted a space sim, I’d play Galactic Civ 2), and one is challenging and exciting.

      Also, I think I checked your blog for updates 15 times today. Work is long.

      • Blargh, sorry, I’m working on this outline for the book and it’s gotten harder and harder to concentrate on my own writing. Plus I’m on quitting smoking attempt number four, and I’m actually doing well this time. I might just make it past the first and hardest week (2 more days to go). Consequence of this is that I can record data but cannot synthesize it. I have 5 posts on my desktop that I have started and can’t finish. Maybe tomorrow! I finished Infinite Undiscovery, prolly gonna finish the post on that first.

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