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Mass Effect 2 Intrerview and Pre-E3 Trailer!

Posted by deckard47 on May 15, 2009


New Mass Effect 2 trailer! Sorry, but you had to know! The ending of this trailer is so amazing. I should just shut up now, before I lose the half of you who aren’t mindless Mass Effect fans. But I can’t. In case you needed more reasons to watch this video, it features a man with an absolutely amazing mustache.

Actual Post About ME 2 Interview:

Shit go read it. Now come back. I’m excited, depsite the fact that this is going to be “Mass Effect‘s dark, brutal second act.” I’ll keep on telling myself they’re going the Empire route, and not the  Condemned 2 route. Pray with me. Then read this, and be happy (oh, I basically quote most of the article in my post, so sorry… I had to!):

One of the places we mentioned in the [second] book, we talked about a place called Omega, which is basically the opposite of the Citadel. Where the Citadel is the elite and the best of the galaxy, Omega is a huge space station that is really rough and tough, the ultimate representation of crime, and a dangerous place to be in. But there’s that, and many different places you go to.

You know what that sounds like? A wretched hive of scum and villainy! It had better be. Also, this next bit means something mysterious, but I don’t know what. What could it mean!? Read on!

First of all, part of that relates to whether Commander Shepard is alive or dead, and who you play in this one, and that’s the mystery we raise in the teaser. Which is not just for the teaser, but is pretty fundamental to what Mass Effect 2 is all about, and that’s what we’ll be showing in the E3. We’ll show you exactly what that’s about, so that’s why we can’t say anything about that right now.

Do we play as Shepard? A Shepard weakened by “death,” who has to regain her powers? Or as a new character who chills with Shepard, Dreamfall-style? And now I really must apologize for block-quoting, but this next bit makes me unbearably happy:

So there’re a few different scales of things. On the high level, there is your earlier example of the Galactic Council that runs the galaxy. You could have been ruthless, let them die, and let the Humans take that position. And that’s a very high-level thing about what’s written into the story of Mass Effect 2. And there’s mid-level choice where you’re deciding who’s going to live or die in dangerous situations — Wrex, for example. At some point there’s a confrontation, and you might want to kill them, or save them but be unable to, in Mass Effect. With him in particular, being alive or dead in Mass Effect 2 is something we built in. But then there’s also the smaller stuff; in Mass Effect 2, like any other good story, we’ll have to flesh it out with characters and dialogue, and there’s all kinds of fun we can have at that level. If you’re going to make a character for Mass Effect 2, maybe there’s something interesting about that character from the first game, and having played it, you’ll recognize why them being in a certain situation is the result of something that you did.

One important thing that we also want to get across is that Mass Effect 2 is an awesome entry point into the universe, even if you’ve never played Mass Effect. Like a movie or book that’s part of a larger series, you’ll want to start it with by bringing people in with everything they need to know to like this story. For somebody who’s played Mass Effect 2 without playing the first one, they’re going to love how it starts and get right into the story, and when they run into a subplot, they’ll have fun and make decisions. But the difference is that if you played Mass Effect, then when you run into that same situation, you’ll recognize that character and realize that, “oh my god, back in the first game, I made that choice and I thought that was over and contained in just that game, but wow, here it is.”

They get it! They get that I want persistent characters, side characters, plotlines, the whole damn thing. If this is half as amazing as I imagine it being, I will never play another game again. Except Dragon Age and Mass Effect 3. Ok, now read what a developer who knows how to end a game thinks about ending games:

One of the biggest questions or concerns that we had during interviews of the first game, was people asking “wait a minute, if this is a trilogy, then does that mean that when I get to the end, there’s just going to be a cliffhanger?” So what we promised people is that Mass Effect would have a huge climactic ending and you’ll feel that you’ve beaten the game. You’ll know that there’s more, but you’ll feel that you accomplished something. And I think we did that well, that’s one of the things we had a lot of feedback on — how strong the ending felt, even though you know the story is going to continue. We’re definitely going to do that again; I think it’s incredibly important that if you put time into a game, for a story, even though it’s part of a trilogy, it doesn’t matter: it’s got to have a great ending, a huge climactic ending to make you feel like you’ve actually done something. And then knowing that you have some idea for what’s in the third installation.

See, developers and designers? This is what you do. You end a game like a real person might, with a thing that ends. An ending! Fancy that. So I realize I just quoted the entire article, but how could I not. It is as if they took what I wanted and made it into a game, and then asked me if there was anything I’d forgot to ask for, and added it in. And I haven’t even seen gameplay yet. Don’t worry, Bioware. At E3, we’re going to become bestest friends. Now I have to really finish ME on my PC, because I’ve seen the light, and I won’t be buying the 360 version unless I absolutely must.


2 Responses to “Mass Effect 2 Intrerview and Pre-E3 Trailer!”

  1. Eric said

    SO EXCITED. I just made a volus in my pants.

  2. Richard said

    I am so looking forward to this game. I loved the first part and what I have seen of the sequel makes me so anxious for it.

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