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Slowly Inching Toward Work

Posted by deckard47 on May 12, 2009

Stalker: Clear Sky still dominates my time, which is not only highly unprofessional, but nerve-wracking. I spent 20 minutes today hiding in fear from inescapable flames, only to read online that (obviously) I had failed to notice the invisible poltergeist flame ghosts, who are in fact “not nearly as bad” as the regular invisible poltergeists. Lucky me. I’m upgrading my guns and armor, exploring anomalies and really super scary underground tunnels, going on missions, and in general really enjoying The Zone, even when night falls and the game makes terrifying noises. On the other hand, I spent nearly an hour trying to progress in the main story, only to read (online, again), that the only way to move forward was to talk to one inconsequential squad leader in one part of the map, who I had strangely never walked by yet. You couldn’t talk to any member of this faction, just this one useless guy. It took 20 more minutes of digging through forums to figure this out. Fail, Clear Sky.

Owen’s been playing a lot of Plants vs. Zombies, which is amazingly cool, but I’m actually really excited by Defense Grid: The Awakening, which is downloading in Steam as we speak. It’s supposed to be sweet, but I’m suddenly having trouble believing it will match PvZ‘s silliness and endless inventiveness. Time will tell, I suppose. On an unpleasant note, Owen and I tried to watch the new Fast and Furious. It was like swallowing live crabs or something. Every line of dialogue more pointless than the last, every performance less convincing than the one before it. The chases and driving couldn’t even be called anemic: they were incomprehensible messes, yet still unbearably staid, allowing you to watch each train wreck of an action scene plod along at its own pace. There was no rapid, unpleasant editing, except during dialogue. At these junctures, the director wisely cut past most conversations, before their hideous payloads could land. I’m a fan of the Vin on principle, but he did not bring his A game to this one. Paul Walker delivered every line like a surly teenager, as always. The only actor pulling her wait was Liz Lapira. I watched to see the cracks in her face, to watch as the slow horror of her situation, an actor actually playing a real part, acting, dawned on her. She managed to make it through with her dignity intact. The same was not true for me. Oh, and we tried to watch Defiance beforehand, but were driven off by Edward Zwick’s lack of any sense of pacing, dialogue, or presentation. You thought Blood Diamond was a badly made, stupid piece of movie-making? Watch the beginning of Defiance. I’ll give it another shot, some night when I’m feeling like some punishment. Two damn disappointments in one night.


2 Responses to “Slowly Inching Toward Work”

  1. Sam said

    I know, two movies that even /we/ couldn’t sit thru. And my disgraceful performance in pacific rift… that shit, at least, I can and will do something about.

  2. deckard47 said

    Whatever, we now have Peggle on the iPod, which looks fantastic. I hope you’ve entered the lighting squirrel’s hall of fame or whatever.

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