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BG&E 2 Video!

Posted by deckard47 on May 9, 2009

Yes, here it is, I recommend you go watch it now! Are you back? What did you think? I think it looks like a bissare cross of BG&E and Mirror’s Edge. You have the perspective and cinematic camera of BG&E, but the pseudo-parkor and “combat” of Mirror’s Edge. I think it looks sweet. It is a bit weird how free running has suddenly become so hot in games, but I think that the platforming aspects of BG&E could only gain from these acrobatic antics. I know that some of my esteemed colleagues aren’t hug fans of the original, but I’m still excited, and I wonder (aside from a interesting story and setting) what the game will hinge on. It seems like combat and platforming will be back, in some form, but I suddenly hope that Jade is done being a photojournalist. Maybe she’s a different kind of investigator now? I don’t want them to scrap the whole sensibility behind her and her camera, but it would be interesting if they problematized it or made her use a different aid/medium for her investigations. Maybe kind of like Condemned? I’m not sure how one can make a cool, game-spanning mechanic like that, but I never loved the camera that much, and as Simon says (bwahahaa), the camera and the way it was treated in the first game were a bit of an issue. I should have linked to that article earlier, but it’s about Jade, the camera and “objective” reporting. Check it out, especially if you liked BG&E. Still. It looks pretty pretty. Excited!


4 Responses to “BG&E 2 Video!”

  1. Thanks for the linkage!

    I don’t know what to think about this. It really looks more like an Assassin’s Creed game than BG&E. The Scimitar Engine (Creed + Prince of Persia) is an update of the original Jade Engine from BG&E and last-gen PoP. Only reason I’m hesitating to admit its BG&E 2 is that the technology is completely different. Maybe she’s on a different colony? I remember the whole universe was basically a smattering of planets that the DomZ and Alpha Sections were having free reign with. I wonder who the enemy is?

  2. deckard47 said

    I dunno. It’s interesting how the gameplay looks totally different. It could be a huge hoax… Which would make me sad, cause I like the look of this. It is much less technology oriented too. It looks like Jade Reporting meets Assassin’s Creed’s environments. We’ll see, I guess?

  3. Brendan said

    the game world looks amazing, if this isn’t completely rendered.

    I always menat to buy BG&E on my ps2 and never got around to it. Now I am considering forking out the $10US for it on, and after watching that, I am considering it even more…

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