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Posted by deckard47 on May 7, 2009

So if you want to read about games and don’t want to read  about a proposed boycott of the Star Trek movie, or Miley Cirus and Jamie Foxx, leave – Everyone just left.

I was reading this NYT article (I know, that was my first mistake), about movies that are being boycotted. Here’s the one for Star Trek:

You won’t be at the opening if Brian Drake has his way. At Mr. Drake and about five dozen supporters have been warning Paramount, which is releasing the film on Friday, that they plan to stay away unless the studio donates a portion of its opening weekend receipts for the exploration of outer space. (“Save the planet by leaving it!” suggests an associated Web site,

Yes! This is what I want! Kirk and Spock, selling space exploration!

It had this to say about Miley Cirus and Jamie Foxx:

By contrast Jamie Foxx last month made an instant apology on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” for some rude remarks he made on Sirius satellite radio about Miley Cyrus.

I think he said that he hoped she would catch chlamydia from a bicycle seat. Which is not cool at all to say, and weird and gross (who uses that as an insult?). The thing that amuses/disappoints/doesn’t surprise me, is that old Miley Cirus’ movie “Hannah Montana: More Crap” did really well, despite her rocking the “Asian eyes” in a picture recently:


That’s Miley, classing it up, in the center. I mean, I guess it’s normal and ok for people to be stupid and offensive, but it’s interesting how Foxx had to apologize ASAP, while Miley was probably just “having fun” or “goofing around.” And then her crappy movie did very well, and Foxx’s (also not so great, but probably not nearly as bad) movie did awfully. Stupid! I apologize for our shift in programming here, I’ll move back to games stuff for the next post. Until then.


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