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News: Now I’m Glad I Didn’t pick up Fallout 3 for PC

Posted by deckard47 on May 5, 2009

Because, look, the new DLC is broken for PCs. That’s unfortunate. I keep on thinking I’ll pick it up for PC, and use mods to make it a better game, but then I hear about stuff like this. I think I’ll be hitting up Stalker tonight. Because it’s fun (oh, and buggy).

Speaking of which, been busy lately, in a not-terribly-productive way, but I have been playing a ton of Stalker and Clear Sky. Clear Sky is really more my kind of game: it’s a bit more like an RPG, way less scary, and has less bugs. But it has its issues. More later, I hope.


5 Responses to “News: Now I’m Glad I Didn’t pick up Fallout 3 for PC”

  1. Is Broken Steel out already? I’m fucking busy until Thursday morning so I won’t get to play it until then. Plus Arkanoid and Space Invaders Extreme come out tonight at 4 in the morning. I’m so pissed that I have a job right now!

  2. Brendan said

    argh, i didn’t realise it was out yet either! and i have to work all day! AND Far Cry 2 is in the post! AND I haven’t finished Duke Nukem 3D from yet!

    oh, why is life so hectic.

    i guess there is pros to always being one generation behind in PC power and only being able to game on consoles..

  3. Broken Steel sucks ballz.

  4. deckard47 said

    Really? Desole. I guess you went ahead and bought it then? Is it the content or the bugs that suck?

  5. No bugs. No content either. “Shoot motherfuckers.”

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