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STALKER: Tricky to Talk About With Non-gamers

Posted by deckard47 on May 3, 2009

Seriously, try telling your significant other/friend/co-workers you spent all weekend playing “Stalker.” Prepare to have less coworkers!

I love this game. It is so amazingly fun. It is also broken. It’s more broken than any other game I’ve ever played, even Vampire: Bloodlines (and I played that for a while before getting the community patch that actually got it mostly complete). It’s so broken that I can’t take part in some really cool activities, like The Arena, where you fight other Stalkers for cash (I will not write the title in its entirety unless I have to). If you try to enter the arena, the game strips you of all of your  items, and never gives them back… And I have no saves before the arena. This means that I have to install the huge Oblivion Lost patch, and either start over, or buy back my new items from my present save (if the saves work with the mod at all). Hell. Also, melee knife attacks are next to broken, and enemies have laser-eye infrared see-you-all-the-time eyes. This means you can’t sneak, and that encounters can be extremely difficult for no good reason.

And I still think it’s awesome, and want to beat it. The atmosphere is amazing, the graphics are surprisingly good, and I love the combat. This is what Fallout 3 should have been like: it feels desolate and otherworldly, not like you got dropped into Death Valley and found a couple of Mad Max devotees. Oh well. The combat is better, the world is more believable, and the writing doesn’t bother trying to be good.K (it’s awful). It’s messed up in every way, hard to play, and annoying, but it doesn’t leave a bad, bland taste in the back of my throat the way F3 does. Looking forward to playing Clear Sky when I finish the first game. I guess I should work now, huh? Adios.


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