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Le Weekend

Posted by deckard47 on May 1, 2009

Oh, weekend. Time to play more games than I actually have the time to play. I’ll be desperately working on reviews for The Dark Spire, Evochron Legends, Drakensang (again, bwahahahaha!), and Zeno Clash. Wow. Of course, what I really want to do is pick up the original S.T.A.L.K.E.R. What is wrong with me!? I have games I actually like to review, and instead I want to go play a broken older modern-day version of Oblivion (kinda). Huh. Anyway, I was reading this RPS bit about mods for S.T.A.L.K.E.R., and already I want to experience it. It is one of those (many) games that would have kicked my old computer’s ass. Crap, if I get this and beat it, I’ll have to get Clear Sky eventually. Life can be so taxing at times, you know?

Oh, and Owen really wants to go see Fighting. Pathetic. 1 week til Star Trek. Too damn long.


3 Responses to “Le Weekend”

  1. 1 week to Star Trek AND Broken Steel dlc for fallout

  2. deckard47 said

    Wow, I’d completely forgotten. Might pick it up for the “infinite play mode.” I’d been holding off on palying too much cause I didn’t want to finish/hit the level cap.

  3. I mean it’s a game with 8 million locations, most of them with re-spawning enemies of some kind. I did both the other DLCs at 20 and I’m not really afraid of not being able to hit 30 by the end of Broken Steel. If you jack the difficulty up to 100 from 50 you get more exp, too. And I go invisible when I kneel and have a gun with only one bullet clips that insta-kills everything and knocks everybody else around the shot down. Gotta love DLC weapons and armor.

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