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I Shouldn't Be Gaming Right Now… But I Am!


Posted by deckard47 on April 28, 2009

Damn you Tom Chick. I was going to post something quick about Among Thieves, about I couldn’t care less how the multiplayer is, if they keep what made the first game great. Well he went ahead and already said it. He’s absolutely right, if the writing and style sucked, who would care how many players can go “head to head” or “duke it out” online? This won’t be what makes this game good. Still, I’m not worried or anything. It’s the same people, so I expect the rest of the game will be just as rocking as the first.

On another, lighter note note, my strategy to stop Chick from saying things I wanted to say involves a sandbag, some trashcans, a Denomolous-sized cage, a fake gun, and a planted key. Or maybe just future Tom Cruise.

Also, you’d better know what the post title references:


6 Responses to “Khhhaaaaaaan!”

  1. Every time I see Tom Chick’s name I attribute the idea to you. I just have no idea who he is or what he represents. Also, Amazon claims I bought a book by Strindberg at one point, but I can’t find it in my collection. Stupid ex-girlfriendses. They stole my David Bowie shirt, too.

  2. Alan Jack said

    I’m a bit behind in my gaming news, but when I looked up Wikipedia, it said Drake will “have a darker side in the sequel”.

    There are no words in the English language more likely to rouse the image of some soulless boardroom where people discuss character and story in terms of demographics and sales figures. If I never hear the term “darker side” again, it’ll be too soon.

    Trying not to be cynical, but if Drake grows a fringe and listens to Rise Above, I won’t be surprised.

  3. @ Alan:

    You know, something about that comment makes me think I’m seeing you’re darker side. /lulz

  4. I just now looked at that Fidgit blog. How do you read that? At least Kotaku has more than one person reading off other peoples’ RSS feeds. That dude’s all on his lonely.

  5. deckard47 said

    Yeah but he agrees with me! It’s a simple way to make me happy.

  6. deckard47 said


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