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Demigod Impressions!

Posted by deckard47 on April 24, 2009

What a boring post title. Anyway, you came here for “impressions” (I guess), so here they are:

It’s really sweet. I haven’t had this much fun in a non-shooter multiplayer title since… Um, I don’t think I’ve ever played another strategy game online. That’s sad to admit.

I guess it’s a lot like DotA, which means nothing to me, never having had any experience in that arena, aside from Basshunter’s amazing song of the same name. Basically, you command a demigod directly, and your goal is to destroy the enemy citadel. At regular intervals, various kinds of uncontrollable units will pop out of your spawning portals and rush various capture points or enemy positions. You can’t control them, but you can buff them and aid their advance. You are, as pointed out perfectly by Tom Chick, a plumber, easing the liquid flow of your forces.

You’ll buy artifacts, potions, and items, level up your demigod, units and structures, and generally kick ass. The different demigods are all fun to play, to differing degrees. I’ll admit, my favorite so far is the Rook, who is basically a walking battlestation. He hits hard, can build catapults and archer towers on his huge shoulders (which is as amazingly cool as it sounds), and can suck the life out of structures. He’s easy to play, and fun, and doesn’t require you to think to hard (against computer opponents). I’ve only played a couple of the other demigods, but they are all interesting to play, and I’m sure I’ll be talking about them soon.

Now I have to do something kind of cowardly, though. I’m going to link you to Tom Chick’s series of write-ups on each hero, which are amazing. They’re done in a really great “as I’m playing” style that I think you’ll enjoy, so here they are, hero by hero. I really do suggest you read them, as they’re also a travelogue of his growing bank of experiences with the game: Regulus, Oak, Rook, Queen of Thorns, Lord Erebus, Torch Bearer, Unclean Beast, and Sedna (or as I like to call her, Yeti Lady). Those are listed in order of when they were written. The first (chronologically) was Sedna, so that’s where you might want to start?

They’re not all indivicually demigod-centric, but I think they’re fun and interesting, so I’m still posting them. I will definitely post on the demigods who stump my meager tactical skills, so that I can think it out on paper and maybe get some advice.

One more thing, by way of actually writing about the game a bit. I really like  the Unclean Beast, but for one thing: how he plays. He’s a stinking, slovenly, vicious undead hound-thing, who galumphs around nipping at the flanks of foes. I dig that. I don’t dig how he sucks when I use him, and never seems to do well at anything. He’s meant to be a harrier, guerrilla attacker, and quick capture-point taker (I think…). I can normally take a capture point or two, but I fail at using him in every other scenario. Grrrrr. This is what he looks like, in case you weren’t sure he was totally great.



6 Responses to “Demigod Impressions!”

  1. @ Unclean Beast:

    Hellboy did it. tjk That shit looks awesome. Wish I had more room on the PC partition/wanted to play another RTS. I still haven’t gotten around to Halo Wars and End War, and my time on Dawn of War II ain’t up yet.

  2. All three of those are about War, I just realized. Gah, my fucking life.

  3. deckard47 said

    War! War! War! Decayyyyy! Um, that reminds me. If you know who August Strindberg is, you must check out these videos:
    You should check it out anyway, even if you haven’t read him (I never have, luckily). I love helium!

  4. deckard47 said

    Also, I wanted your recommendation on Dawn of War 2. Do you think it’s worth picking up?

  5. Yeah I mean I knew who he was, but people seem to only talk about him long enough to make fun of him. Like, I’ve never seen anyone give him a serious reference for coming up with any interesting. God I hate Flash cartoons-I want to click them. I think I clicked on Helium six times trying to get her/him/it to do something different.

    Wait for DoW2 to come down to 30 dollars if you can. Otherwise it’s bad-ass, though ridiculously difficult, online fun times. It might be easier for you, but I suck with a mouse.

  6. deckard47 said

    I actually really want to read “The Dance of Death” by Strindberg. My high fallutin brother swears I’ll like it.

    And I think I will wait a bit for DOW 2. They had it on Steam for 40 recently, but I’m waiting for 30. When I do though, we’ll have to co-op or straight up skirmish. And I suck at all RTSs, mouse or no.

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